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Nobody in this world is built perfectly. Everybody has at least of a couple of things about themselves that they would change if they could. As a man, there may be women that you see all the time that in your mind you may think they’re perfect. Behind closed doors, she may be insecure about the smallest thing such as her ears being big. These insecurities shape who we truly are and differentiates everybody from each other.

Embrace Your Insecurities

Instead of thinking horrible thoughts about your insecurities, embrace them for what they are. These are the things that you have that make you who you are. There will be people that you come across that love the things you may be insecure about and won’t even acknowledge it as insecurity. We live in an era where certain people shut down completely because they don’t amount to other people’s expectations of what they think is perfect. The only opinion that matters is the opinion of yourself. Don’t let insecurities block that self-love that you need for yourself.

Insecurities Based On Past Traumas

There are certain situations throughout our life where we’ve maybe faced a situation that stems from our insecurity. Maybe in school, you were picked on for being too short or even too tall. Or you were talked about for not wearing the most updated clothing. If you look back on all these situations, these judgments from people all stem from you being different from them. Deep inside of those people, they judge you because they’re insecure themselves. So don’t let the judgment of others even affect you. Be who you are and stay true to who you are.

Insecurities Based Upon Success

Success is a beautiful thing that personally I admire. It’s a great thing to work hard day in and day out and to finally get to that finish line to see the ending result. In some instances though, there are people who don’t think they deserve to be successful. They feel a certain feeling in them that nudges at their inner confidence. When they have that feeling they often fall short of their goal and give up entirely. I’m here to tell you that everybody in this world deserves to be successful. If you put in hard work each and every day consistently I 100% think you should be destined for success. Just because you may see these certain people on Instagram that are successful doesn’t mean that you can’t attain it too. Believe it or not, they were in the same situation you were in until they became aware of self-love.

Insecurity Based On Failure

Let’s face it, everybody in this world has failed. the biggest names in the world have failed numerous times to get to that top spot. The best way to picture failure is to imagine a puzzle. When figuring out a puzzle you have to have the correct pieces in order to complete it. Failure is just the wrong puzzle piece. In order to complete the puzzle, you have to find that missing puzzle piece. It may take weeks, months, even years but once you find that puzzle piece you’ll complete the puzzle. Failure often can crush someone’s self-esteem to the core. That dream job that you thought you were the perfect fit for you didn’t get and you were crushed. But to beat this insecurity you have to have the thought in the back of your mind that something better is approaching. That job that you thought was perfect for you, it may have had people there that just wasn’t the best people. Keeping this mindset will manifest bigger and better things for you to look forward to.

Insecurity Based Upon Social Anxiety

In my life, I’ve dealt with social anxiety really bad. When talking to a girl that I thought was cute I would often sweat really bad and my mind would be everywhere. This can be quite embarrassing especially when talking to someone that you’re trying to get in a potential relationship with. Social anxiety is, in my opinion, the most common insecurity that people can have. Psychologically you are fighting a mental battle with yourself whether to keep the conversation going or to end it completely and walk away. The key things that have helped my social anxiety are to BREATHE AND RELAX. When approaching someone in a conversation don’t take the conversation so serious. When you are in a relaxed state throughout your body and mind everything that you say will flow and your mind won’t be so clouded. When you breathe you are calming your nerves down throughout your body to tell your body that everything is okay. Also, force yourself into situations where you have to talk to people. Go to parties and interact with new people to develop your social skills. Even when you go on a date try to question the other person a bit more to get yourself more comfortable when conversing. The worst thing to do is to avoid talking to people completely because this will make matters even worse.


Beating yourself up because you want things to be perfect is one of the most toxic qualities you can develop. Trust me, I believe in setting high standards for everything that you do, but everything in life doesn’t always work out the way that you plan it to. There are people that plan out there lives start to finish and stress themselves out when it doesn’t turn out exactly how they planned it. Life is unpredictable and has its twists and turns that you won’t even imagine. The best thing to do is live in the moment and go with the flow of things. Always structure a plan, but always be prepared if things go left. Beating yourself up will only cause stress on yourself and manifest a deep depression. Only focus not the things that you can control.

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Be better at whatever you're building.

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