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I’ve given dozens of interviews in the last eight years & every interview has been an experience. I remember meeting a few interesting individuals and that’s actually what I always look forward to.

I never get nervous.

Maybe because I don’t take it as an examination as most people do.

But this story is not about that.

Three years back I was called for an interview at a multi media global company that wanted to expand their digital footprint in India. That time I was working at one of the largest banks in the country and was pretty satisfied with my profile.

But who doesn’t like better opportunities?

A recruiter found my resume suitable and asked me if I was interested.

“Why not?” I said.

She asked me to share three pictures of me wearing different outfits, one had to be a close up and the other two full profiles of me in day light and indoors.

I had to ask her again if she got the right candidate because I wasn’t going to model for anything. I had no qualification or experience.

“They need everyone to have a certain kind of style and body language. It’s part of the process.”

I hesitated, but I wanted to give the interview to find what the big deal was.

This recruiter lady called me in 3 days and asked me to drop by the next day for an interview at this company.

I dressed well for the interview.

Like we all do.

I didn’t do anything extra, even after knowing that they were looking for some kind of “style” which I had no clue of.

I drove all the way to the other side of Bombay and had to wait 20 minutes to meet a junior HR.

My interview time was fixed but it’s really not cool to make someone wait. These are basic etiquettes.

This day was a total waste of my time, because the junior HR asked me the same questions that were asked by the recruiter and were already on my CV!

I wasted an hour and half there & HR asked me to come for another interview after 5 working days because the new head of digital was out of town.

I felt like a total idiot driving back home. I decided to drop the idea of going for the second round but then I calmed myself down.

For my second round I did not take the day off. I went to work and informed my manager that I was going to be away for a few hours for some personal work.

This time I had to meet the new digital head.

Well the meeting started on time, but I saw no digital head. There were two ladies from some other department who walked in with a few magazines and catalogues.

They introduced themselves & I introduced myself.

I assumed that this meeting is before my meeting with the digital head so I went on talking to them and answering their questions.

I will not drag with the questions they asked but long and short of it was they knew NOTHING about digital marketing.

They were asking me basic questions that had no right answer.

They asked me to write down, literally, write down 3 ideas of how I would promote a new wedding clothing line on the internet.

Write down on a piece of paper.

I did, I wrote down three good ideas and handed it over to them.

After this, they asked me to explain the same ideas to them one by one.

I did.

This “interview” went on for 30–40 minutes & then they asked me how soon can I join, what am I expecting in terms of salary and if there were any plans of me getting married anytime soon. (I’m not even kidding)

I answered and I asked them if I was going to meet the digital head?
( & have a real interview)

“Oh, he is out of town but don’t worry we’ll brief him and if you like the offer you can meet him when you join.”

I was not impressed.

It looked like they weren’t serious about expansion of their “digital footprint” or whatever they wanted to achieve through this.

They did make an offer 3 weeks after they were going to. They offered me 7% less than my existing CTC that time.

I questiosn the recruiter and she said this is the best they can offer. I pointed out that it was less than what I actually get.

“This is the best they can offer.”

I didn’t even bother.

I completely forgot about this one until I had a very interesting 2 hour meeting a few months ago.

This gentleman who heads digital in the India office of an American food corporation company didn’t know programmatic buying or SEO. Even after I explained him the entire strategy and performance results of a campaign that I had previously done.

At one point I thought I’d suggest looking up on Google. But I didn’t want to be rude.

Who are these people? Where do they come from?

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