Expect Change

Change is happening, right now, as you read this. Right? But we never quite take the time to notice it until looking back at it. The reflective moment as a whole part of you — a piece of your past that makes you.

I used to think it was nostalgia, but after Mickey Hess’s The Nostalgia Echo, I know that’s a different cognitional diagnosis.

Rather, I realize that it’s growth. You are a product of everything you’ve ever done (whether you regret it or not). You are what your past self perceived as the right decision. And likewise, your future self will one day look back at this memory in one way or another.

Things happen to you via fate, destiny, and active consciousness. I’m sitting here pecking this while the TV drones on; background noise to try and distracting me from realizing this change. But not completely. I see that. I feel that. The world is moving outside that window, over there. Fate is taking its course. We’re all a part of it.

Other days it has me by the neck with a Friday flat tire on route 33 on the way home. Take with it what you will.

Destiny brought me to organize these words in this pattern. It brought you to read them and possibly absorb them and their concepts. And perhaps not.

The point is: we don’t see it until we stop to reflect upon seeing it. We never notice. Tomorrow I’ll wake up and go to work. Ten years from now I might own a new car. Twenty, I’ll be contemplating my career. Thirty and I’ll settling in for my kid’s wedding ceremony. Maybe. (That perspective is subject to potential change, too!)

Time changes and we only notice it when we choose to. At some point, our future self will become our present self in order to reflect on the past self.

So do yourself a favor and choose to see it.

By choosing to see it, you acknowledge your power over it; your control of it. That is how you find it and create it. The atoms flowing through your mind right now, at this very second, were predetermined somewhere by a choice you’ve made at some point in your existence on this planet, in this galaxy, in this universal space and time.

You have the power to make your future self happy. Or sad.

Yet, in the same breath, maybe you won’t even remember this. Maybe you skimmed this article and decided to go on with your life ignoring its concepts. No one truly knows but you. And that’s okay.

A co-worker came up to me and asked what the date was to write on his form. “Monday, the 4th,” I told him. Then he got upset by accidentally writing “2015.”
“Where does the time go?” He asks with a smile. “I feel like it was just June.” He then corrects his mistake and walks off beaming, ready for his class.

Time goes. It always has. It always will. And our quantitative measurement of it will continue to evolve as such.

Our cognitive recollection of certain segments along that timeline, the ones measured by time — they don’t adhere to those rules or measurements. I recall a childhood memory I have losing a hermit crab on my best friends porch. I can picture the sunset, feel the humidity it the air. Then, two seconds later, I can jump to a college memory playing songs at an open mic; beads of sweat dabbing at my forehead. All within the actual realm of a few minutes.

It’s very easy to get swept up in it all. Change happens, with or without attentive reflection. Perhaps that’s why certain spirituals practice meditation or forms thereof. Maybe that’s why novelists cram research into character development or teachers assign homework over the weekend. Maybe that’s how athletes can pre-program their muscles to adapt to sudden change on their own. They get paid a lot of money to do that.

The act of reflection is a practice that keeps us intimately intertwined with act of change. It’s the threads of the universe. The strings of thought molded by perception. The heart and soul of how you experience the world.

Embrace the fact that you are here and will eventually be somewhere else. Be aware that what you do with that principle knowledge has the ability to affect your future self (hopefully for the positive!). Expect change. Be good. Breathe and reflect. Breathe and grow.