How to Love and Meditate with Mindfulness

Mindfulness and meditation are difficult. And yet, they really aren’t. They’re a skillset like anything else.

Start with one loooonnnngggggg ssllllooooowwwwww breath. Then aim for 3. Then try 5. And then maybe 10.

And if you lose count that’s okay. If you’re interrupted by a thought — just start over. Keep going. It’s all going to be okay.

(Remember that you’re not really in control.)

Personally, I think that’s why I love living near the ocean. It just keeps going. I mean — I know it doesn’t really. But it feels like it. It looks like it. When I sit near the shorebreak I can hear the seemingly empty control whooshing and whirling, pulsing like a heartbeat.

In and out. In and out.

That keeps me grounded. Reminds me just how fcking small I am. How little things really are.

It leaves room for nothing but love. All we have to keep us tied together is the love.

Love for each other. Love for the planet. For our friends, families, and neighborhoods. For the dirt and the trees and the little kid that lives down the block who keeps hitting my car with his bike.

All you can do is keep breathing. Remember to keep breathing.

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