A Hypothetical Reflection of Reality (Improve Your Stardust)

Sometimes I wonder if this is all it really is. If life is just exactly what it is right now, at this very moment. (It isn’t. Expect the change.)

There are occasions where I experience something startling or foreign at first, and then my brain ties some shoelaces of logic together and convinces me something or someway that is no longer the something or someway I thought it was. It becomes different again. Does that make sense? Do I sound crazy for writing that? Do you envision me in a wrinkly, aluminum hat shaped like a boat? Or is that just a verbose explanation of what it means to learn something? I don’t think I’m crazy but who’s to really say? I mean, I don’t feel crazy for believing things others don’t. For seeing things the way I do or learning things the way I do. We’re all entities deeper than any human will ever truly understand anyway — at least in this period of our evolutionary existence. Nothing matters. Nothing really makes sense the way we want it to. Only the way we observe it, the way we need it to.

Plus, anyone who says they aren’t crazy, most certainly are crazy. Right?

I feel like Albert Camus helped me write that paragraph. Some of us are born tall and others wide. Some with brown hair. Others blonde. Some with extra appendages and others missing sensory faculty. Some were delivered in Canada and some in Switzerland. Some in 2016, 710 BC, or 3002 AD. I don’t remember getting to choose any of that. Do you?

These thoughts haunt me. They feel like they’ll get me in trouble somehow. With someone I might not necessarily want to meet. They resonate in shows like Mr. Robot and Stranger Things. In songs and books and discovering new ways to do something. They challenge my understanding of existence. Honestly, I feel like Winston in Orwell’s 1984 sometimes. Does that mean these cognitive blips are part of the human condition? Or am I the only one to feel as if there’s something more out there… something no one has really been able to explain yet?

Am I a human being? Or am I an illusion?

Reality is the existence upon which the majority of us can agree on. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it is true. Because deep down inside, everyone has their own little abnormality with it. Everyone’s experience is different, no matter what B.S. we shake hands over and accredit to knowledge.

We will never learn what is “right” or “wrong” — there will only be the what and our interpretation of it. Our evolutionary progress has not yet caught up to the balance of understanding that the universe has presented itself with. Morality is human. Time is not. Learning is our experience throughout the latter. (And don’t confuse that with the man-made measurement of time. Quantifiable literacy is a humanism.) One day, we will evolve beyond our physical bodies. Beyond all of what our present considers reality. And when that day comes, maybe we’ll better see through the fog to make sense of it all.

But until then, until the time comes where we stop blinding ourselves with the numbness of synthetic chemicals, shapeshifting entertainment, and material wealth, we will never understand where our truest potentials lie. We will never be able to communicate with the invisible vibrations of stardust around us.

This might sound even crazier…

But sometimes I feel like there are trans-universal entities trying to communicate with us. Ghost or Spectres or Orbs of Celestial Light. Like just now…. after I wrote out ‘am I an illusion?’ a big wind gust came through my backyard, squealing open and then slamming shut the screen door that won’t properly close because the metal is old and warped. And I mean like literally, just as I punctuated the sentence.

That is the kind of stuff that haunts me. I don’t really care if you believe me or not. In my reality, it exists as I observe it. My senses interpreted an occurrence and my cognitive abilities as someone nearing middle age with some higher education pieced it together.

So what does this tell me? What logic can I produce from this small example of my daily, equivocal existence?

I have no freakin’ clue. Some people find spirituality in it. Others call it fate or fortune. None of it matters, I guess.

What I can tell you is this: there is something out there that seems to constantly remind me that there is more to it all. We just don’t see it yet. Rather… we don’t know how to see it yet. Even the possibility of that notion should motivate our species to keep going. If you’re mindset is already fixed, already set on believing one thing, and only one thing, then you’ll spend the rest of your days living as if we’ve evolved as far as we possible can. And that’s not the reality I see for us. That’s not what we are here for.

We can be better. We can help ourselves grow. We can dance with the stardust if we want to.

Call me crazy if you want. But I already know which one of us is still wearing the tinfoil hat.

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