Q & A with Joe Federico, author and CEO of Anchors To Dusk Publishing

Glen Binger
Nov 27, 2016 · 5 min read

Joe Federico (Joseph A. Federico) has been in the editorial and publishing field for 12 years. His first taste of publishing came when he interned at M. Evans Inc., Publishing in 2005; instantly he fell in love with the art — the craft, if you will. Skip a few years and his first book was published in 2011 with Arcadia Publishing. He spent two years on a publicity tour with that project. Then, in 2012, Anchors to Dusk (Anchors To Dusk) was born. He is currently working with the Jersey Greys, a Revolutionary reenactment group, on a historical book, and finishing up his first thriller novella. Follow him on Twitter: @Writingman26 and on Instagram: @Writingman29. And check out Anchors to Dusk on Twitter: @Anchor2DuskPub and on Instagram: @Anchors4Authors.

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GB: Joseph, thank you for taking the time for this Q&A. My first question is usually: Can you share a little bit about yourself? What’s some background information worthy of noting for the readers? Any notable publications you’d like to self-plug?

JF: Well, I wrote my first “newspaper” back in the late ’80s; it was about “Swamp Thing” and Santa Claus. I had quite the imagination, even back then. I was also the kid correcting other classmates’ work in the computer lab. So, that right there gives you a sense of my character.

I’m a writer by trade, a writer choice; it runs through my veins. And as the years pass, if I can assist other creative minds attain their career goals and reach for the stars, so be it.

Notable publications? Haha, yes. Images of America: Galloway Township; it was published in 2011 by Arcadia Publishing.

GB: I understand you’ve been a part of the publishing community for some time now. Can you tell us a little bit about what it’s like? How did you get started and what influences did you experience to be on that side of the creativity?

JF: It’s a dream (in the works) come true. Hard work, busy work, everything in between. I got my start in 2005 in Manhattan; a small publisher took me on as an editorial intern, and I worked my way up within weeks. I never looked back.

My company was born, however, out of frustration in the way the industry as a whole was heading. The little guy doesn’t get any attention unless it’s a BIG time publisher, and even then, success isn’t guaranteed. I’m out to change that.

GB: Do you have any advice for someone young looking to get into that part of the industry? Especially those who are just now graduating from college.

JF: Just start. Start writing, carry a notebook and pen with you EVERYwhere. Don’t accept that you’re too young. You don’t need a lot of money to live out a lifelong dream. Plus, you never know who will be watching you climb the ladder of editorial success.

GB: You founded Anchors To Dusk in 2012 right after your first book tour, correct? What led you to its fruition? How did it come to be as successful as it is today?

JF: That’s right. The book tour took a lot out of me, although the memories are forever and priceless. Our then-publisher wasn’t acting appropriately, so it was time to take a stance against the humdrum of the world of book publishing. I’ve always been a fan of nautical life, so that’s how I chose the company name. I started off with 1 or 2 services, and it just grew. Now, we offer and upwards of 6 to 7 services, including full publishing. That’s just in the past six months.

Anchors is widely-known on social media, so I nod to social platforms for its success. We’re living in a digital age, and I love it.

GB: What services does Anchors To Dusk offer for its authors? Do you have a specific, intended clientele you’re aiming to help?

JF: Copy and line editing, editorial coaching, SEO, and marketing, to name a few. Our original clientele attraction was first-time authors, but it’s grown since its inception. Now, we’re nurturing everyone from foreign travelers to high-profile New Yorkers.

GB: A positive attitude in life is the driving force behind much of humanity’s success. It is the foundation of many relationships and objectives. How does this concept help your professional career? Do you have any anecdotes about personal or professional success that could help us understand this?

JF: I believe in positivity, especially as I get older. It’s the equivalent of this: You get more with honey than with vinegar. Am I right?

Picture this: You’re a professional with years of experience, and the world at your feet. Suddenly, you have the urge, the passion, to give back. Look, I can’t answer everyone’s questions perfectly, because I’m only human. But if I can give back, assist, just one person who didn’t think their dream was possible, then I did my job…

GB: You’re a writer, too. That is part of what helped you to found Anchors To Dusk. What types and genres of work do you enjoy focusing on? What is your writing process like? Do you have any tips, tricks or habits that help you to improve the publishing side of your business? Are there any personal projects you’re working on currently?

JF: Namely historical nonfiction, but I also have an affinity for sci-fi and horror.

My writing process is scattered, and there’s no actual formula. I do TONS to get through a manuscript, especially sci-fi or horror; it’s everything from storyboarding to having live actors get involved as potential cover models…before even having the book completed and ready for publication. It’s a crazy process. I even write out characters sometimes, then just “wing it” from there. Again, I’m not big on “one size fits all”.

Currently, I’m just about done with my first thriller novella, and working on accumulating several historical pictorials for local landmarks around New Jersey and New York.

GB: Those kinds of things tend to stem from life-experience. What are some things you believe people can do on a daily basis to better themselves as both individuals and as members of the ever-changing global community? And this doesn’t have to pertain to just writing, editing, or publishing. Could be anything.

JF: Be a human being; it sounds cliché, but it’s the honest truth. Live, learn, and take in every experience; every breakup and heartache, every kiss, every song, it’s a potential story. Oh, and take pictures. TONS. They’re your memories you’ll look back on fondly down the line.

As for being part of a professional global society, be truthful and stay on social media for as long as you can. Trust me, it’ll be worth it. You connect with people across the globe, and that’s a beautiful thing.

Interview originally published in April 2016 at ONLY HUMAN. If you enjoyed this conversation, please recommend, comment, and share. Spread the love and be better, friends!

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