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a closer look at some of our Betterism sponsors

Hi — I’m Glen! I am the founder, editor-in-chief, and host of Betterism. I want to take a moment to dive a little deeper into some of our recommended wellness products and offer some exclusive discounts, should you or anyone in our community find anything they’d like to experiment with.

BUT FIRST: I am not a doctor nor do I claim to offer any medical advice towards one’s health. Please understand:

The following products & brands are simply a list of items that have helped me along my own wellness journey. They’ve assisted me in managing and adapting both my personal and professional lives. Betterism endorses them because we believe in them and their due diligence to organic and optimal overall wellness.

I encourage you to browse each company’s catalog to find a product that might benefit you in some way, shape, or form. I believe in the foundation these small companies are built upon. They do not put their products/profits over the lives/health of their customers. Each of these brands embody organic mindsets, sustainable solutions, and educational resources that I believe in and wish to support as much as I can (which is why I am taking a moment to share them with you, my friends & family here).

If you find something you’d like to try, use the link and/or promocode attached for its correlating discount. If you have any questions, please reach out to me or to the company itself. I’m happy to help however I can. Enjoy & stay healthy, my friends!


Mitolife offers everything from non-suppressed educational content to whole-food wellness products. Personally, their shilajit product is my favorite. It’s the most potent and purest I’ve found on the market. I take it daily with my afternoon tea. I also use their vitamin E (PUFA protect) and their vitamin K (Purely K) supplements to help detox my body from years of unconscious American eating habits. Their podcast has been extraordinarily helpful in my unlearning of westernized “treat the symptom instead of the cause” mentality. Use promocode “BETTERISM” at checkout and/or click this link for a 15% discount off your entire order.


Choq’s YouTube channel is beneficial even if one doesn’t use their supplements. It’s where I first learned about shilajit. I’m a big fan of their men’s Daily and their Ashwagandha supplements. They also offer a purified shilajit capsule that I use if I’m on-the-go. These have helped me better retain energy and effectively fight off the stress of day-to-day life as a working class millennial. Plus, they help me focus and hone-down my writing habits. Click here and then use promocode “BETTERISM” at checkout for 35% off your entire order.


LifeBlud is the perfect match for my 100-mph lifestyle. With work life and personal life being so chaotic nowadays, I don’t have the time needed to dedicate to certain wellness routines. Magnesium consumption is one of those. The most effective form of magnesium is magnesium bicarbonate, but that requires a chunk of time to produce each week (the kind of time I personally do not have). LifeBlud’s founder, Adam, has some great educational content on his Instagram channel and their blog about this. Their magnesium supplement is the only capsule form that encases the same benefits as its bicarbonate form. I take it daily, along with their “Antidote” Vitamin E every evening. Use promocode “BETTERISM” at checkout and/or click here for a 10% discount on your entire order.

Four Sigmatic:

Four Sigmatic’s affinity for and knowledge of fungi as an ancestral, nutritional regimen is beyond that of all their competitors. I’ve learned so much about the various species of mushrooms and how they each benefit us. Four Sigmatic offers a subscription service where you can adjust monthly orders, set delivery dates according to your needs, and offer a 20% discount if you subscribe instead of making one-time purchases. Personally, I use their lion’s mane & chaga mushroom coffee mix and their “defend” mushroom blend in my morning coffee everyday. I also use their organic protein powder for my post-workout shakes. These also help my body recover so I can focus on my writing habits. Use promocode “BETTERISM” at checkout and/or click this link for an additional 10% discount off your entire order.


While some of LivePristine’s water filtration systems are a tad pricey, the quality & craftsmanship of the products are of the best I’ve ever seen from an American company. The price tag is worth it. This is one of the only companies to offer an actual full-filter solution to our highly contaminated tap-water supply. They do not hide behind the “alkaline” veil. This is also where I learned that clean water is only the foundation! They also offer a variety of nutrition products too; one of which being the shilajit powder that I add to my coffee on particularly chaotic mornings. I’ve also used their ghee as a butter substitute, which is absolutely delicious. Click this link here to feel better and taste the difference in your water & daily nutrition.


While this infuser is certainly marketed towards the cannabis industry, it is a high-quality and easy-to-use infusion device that can be utilized for much more than “magical” butter. I’ve used mine to infuse butters, ghee, oils, gummies, and even chocolate extracts with all kinds of herbs and spices; everything from green tea butter to oregano oil for immune system support. I’ve even started to dabble with mixing turmeric and shilajit into my recipes! There is no other machine on the market like it. Press 2 buttons and let it sit until the cycle is complete. It even has a self-clean function that takes less than 5 minutes! Use this link to get 10% off your order and infuse some herbal wellness into your life.

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