The Rabbit Hole of Coding Tutorials — and How to Get Out of It.

A classic woe I heard about when starting to learn to code was, “don’t just watch tutorials”. But still, I found myself stuck in the cesspool of confusing YouTube tutorials and Udemy courses, thinking I was improving. In reality, I was diving deeper and deeper towards my demise. Thankfully, I found my way out, but for some it’s not so easy, that’s why I made this short guide.

If you are an absolute beginner, and completely new to the syntax of ‘X’ language, then sure, go watch a few tutorials, and pick up on how to use it. But, the reason these tutorials aren’t so great is because they only teach you the syntactic side of programming, and not the conceptual side.

Say you’re cooking a meal, and you have the recipe, and know what each of the instructions and ingredients are, but don’t know how to put them together into a final meal. This is a lot like programming, you know the information, but can’t put them into use. That’s why it is so important to make your own projects.

So, if you are currently at the point I’m describing, take a step back, and make sure you conceptually understand what the tutorial is teaching you by making your own project that uses some of the concepts.

Even better — combine what you’ve absorbed from multiple tutorials and combine them into one SIMPLE application. If you encounter errors, just accept it as a part of the process. Focus on why you got the error, and try to understand what you can do to fix it every time you encounter it.

Everything is a learning experience.