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11 Creative Ways to Make Money on Onlyfans

What are some creative ways you can make money on Onlyfans?

creative ways to make money on Onlyfans
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Onlyfans is turning out to be a very popular adult content-making platform through which content creators can own their work and also make tons of money from it. As more and more people join the platform, the expectations from the viewers and paid subscribers are always increasing.

Thus, to make sure that one retains paid subscribers and attracts newer ones, one has to always keep improving the quality and creativity of their art. In that vein, here is a list of some of the most creative ways one can make money on the Onlyfans platform:

1. Starting a subscription business

You can start a subscription business around your content using different platforms. Following are some of the alternatives platforms where you can join as a creator and make money:

  • FriendsOnly: FriendsOnly is an adult subscription platform where adult content creators can make money by getting paying subscribers, making money by selling their videos as pay-per-view, and can get gifts or Tips on their content. The best thing about FriendsOnly is it gives exposure to your content and helps you get discovered.

2. Content Bundles

Who doesn’t love bundles? One of the most creative ways to promote your work and market yourself is by creating bundles or so-called “giveaways” The way you can do this is by combining several of your videos, photos, etc., and putting them all under one bundle for a particular amount of money, let’s say, $100.

Keep this bundle valid for a limited amount of time, for example, for one week or two weeks, tops so that people believe that it is an exclusive, one-time offer only, and are more tempted to buy that.

3. Exclusive Videos

Perhaps you have an Instagram and Twitter public account on which you model or post content. Onlyfans can help build a profile where you can put more “exclusive” content, even if it is not within the NSFW niche. You do not have something on any of your other platforms.

That way, this is an incentive for your interested subscribers to pay for your content and a way for you to make some extra money on the side without doing much. However, make sure that your content is unique and serves something to your fans.

Make money by selling your feet pics on FeetFinder:

With FeetFinder selling foot pictures and videos has become easier and safer. With their privacy and nudity policy, they save you from any embarrassment you might feel while selling your feet pictures and videos.

FeetFinder connects you to potential buyers of your feet pictures and videos. These buyers are from all across the world and are interested in feet pictures of various categories, including feet ASMR, socks, arched, dancing, lotion, pedicure, and dirty feet.

On FeerFinder, you can create customized foot albums for your fans for greater tips and income. All you need to do is create a profile and upload pictures in different categories on FeetFinder. Sell your feet pics and videos on FeetFinder here.

4. Fitness/Workout Routine Videos

Onlyfans is slowly expanding into more genres, such as music, fashion, lifestyle, etc. One of these genres is growing big: fitness!

There is a lot of audience for fitness and workout routine videos. If you have a unique workout routine and have the advice to share with your fans about your fitness and health, why not do it through Onlyfans so you can get paid directly for your work.

Another way to use this is by also promoting fitness and gym wear through your platform and making extra money on the side.

5. Pay-per-view Bundles

Pay-per-view content is one of the most creative and smart ways to make money on the Onlyfans platform. You can do this in various ways: through pay-per-view solos, messages, or bundles.

You can even develop a free account of yourself so users can see and put pay-per-view content on it. By having a free account, more people are expected to look it up. Then, if they like your content, they can pay for it directly.

6. Live Streaming

Live streams are popular everywhere! This is a chance to directly interact with your fans in real-time and engage with them more meaningfully and honestly. Live streaming can be a creative way to make tons of money through getting tips, taking requests, and performing creative scenarios according to your choice.

During live streaming, you can also market your content and engage your fans with extra pay-per-view content and messages to make extra money.

7. Modeling for Swimwear/Bikinis

Onlyfans is becoming a very popular platform for promoting clothing brands, especially when it comes to swimwear and gym wear.

If you have an account on Onlyfans, you can put up your photos and video content marketing and promote different swimwear and bikinis. Not only will that get you a brand deal and money from the brand itself, but fans will also pay to see your content.

Like it happens on Instagram, where the influencers give referral and discount codes to their fans, Onlyfans can adopt the same technique and incentivize brands to pair up with top Onlyfans models.

8. Free page, Tip Only

Now, one of the most creative ways to make money is by, first of all, creating a free page. Once your username and account are available to the Onlyfans users, you can use them to do various things. You can set up your content, photos, videos, and what have you, and ask for tips incentivizing your fans to keep the “free page” running and accessible to all Onlyfans users.

Tips can be a great way to make more money and you can use it for various types: messages, photos, videos, solos, taking requests, etc. While doing that, however, make sure that you are putting up unique and refreshing content for each type to retain your tippers and attract new ones.

9. Setting up an Amazon Wishlist

There are few more attractive things in the world than someone knowing what they want! Some fans are hesitant to give money or tipping — and for that reason, why not set up an Amazon wishlist on your account?

This way, it also becomes easier for your fans to show appreciation and admiration by buying things off your wishlist. Plus, you are sure to receive how you would like to be paid, which is a win-win situation for everyone. Through your content, display your devotion and honesty to your work and your fans so they are more eager to give you better gifts!

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10. Promoting off-side Products

Another interesting way to make money through your Onlyfans account is by promoting and marketing your off-side products. These include clothing, skincare, sneakers, apparel, etc. Take advantage of the growing user base of Onlyfans and use it as a platform to display your off-side hustle.

Social media is becoming the primary source of marketing for many brands, and Onlyfans is just getting started in that area! So while it is still new, make use of the benefits it can offer you.

Although these were just 9 of the most creative ways to make money on the Onlyfans platform, rest assured that there are a million ways. So keep experimenting and identify what you love, work on it, and get paid!

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I hope these ways will help you discovered some creative ways to make money on Onlyfans.



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