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Feet Pics Username Ideas: If You Are a Feet Sellers, What are some Cool Feet Pics OnlyFans Ideas

What are some amazing Onlyfans feet pics username ideas?

Onlyfans bio ideas for feet sellers
Photo by Jordan Whitt on Unsplash

Are you selling feet pics on OnlyFans but aren’t getting the sale you expected? Don’t worry I have got you covered with some cool ideas for your feet pics.

However, to reach the target you need to understand what kind of audience you are most likely to interact with on OnlyFans. You also need to explore the content that sells the most on OnlyFans. It will help you optimize your feet pics and know the basic elements you need to incorporate in your feet content.

Keep reading to know amazing ideas you should try while selling your feet pics.

What is OnlyFans known for?

OnlyFans is mostly known for promoting adult content. However, the platform also features other kinds of entertainment such as travel bogging, fitness training, DIY tutorials, Fashion, Gaming, Dance coaching, etc.

OnlyFans has got its major hype because of NSFW content. Adult-based entertainment is further divided into many categories that don’t necessarily involve uncovered genitalia or sexual intercourse.

For example; Selling dirty underwear, used socks, hand pics, feet pics, urine, tempting body pics, etc.

Mostly, feet pics are bought with a sexual intention or a fetish one has for them. That means you need to make sure your feet pics involve a bit of intimacy if you really want them to be bought by feet fetishists.

Selling feet pics on FeetFinder:

FeetFinder is a better Onlyfans alternative for selling your feet pics and making money. In my opinion, FeetFinder is the №1 site for selling your feet pics and making money. In FeetFinder you can make money in two ways; first, you can make money through uploading your feet pics and creating feet albums, and you can sell those feet albums multiple times.

FeetFinder also gives you the opportunity to sell your subscription which is someone subscribing to you for 30 days and they see all your content till they are paying you. You need to produce content on regular basis to give a good reason to your paying subscribers to keep paying you.

The best thing about FeetFinder is it gives you the opportunity to get discovered or get exposure. They have over 350,000+ creators and over 500,000+ users. So, I think it is the best platform to join. You can read the complete review here: Onlyfans Vs FeetFinder: What is the difference?

What are some ideas to sell feet pics on OnlyFans?

Take care of your feet

There is no doubt that feminine feet sell the best on OnlyFans because of the fetishistic demand. To get noticed, you really need to put in hard work. Here are some tips to keep your feet all prim and proper so that you don’t have to spend hours before your photo sessions.


You can have a pedicure at home as well. However, if you have resources you should get a pedicure every 4 to 6 weeks from any nearest parlour. The foot massage helps to keep your feet relaxed and fresh. Pedicured and happy feet are forever trending on OnlyFans.

Moisturize your feet

If you don’t want to sell wrinkled feet pics, let your feet breathe. Well, moisturized and shiny calves will help you get more sales.

Follow a proper foot care routine

Many males tend to fall for women who take care of foot hygiene. It includes nail cleaning, foot washing, and removal of excess cuticles. Though your feet pics have nothing to do with how your feet smell, what if you want your partner to help you capture something like this.

Healthy diet

Your gut has a direct link with what your skin looks like. Consume your greens, dry fruits, and cherries to get soft and clear skin. Follow foot care regime alongside for best results.

Wear different stuff

Some feet fetishists are more into decked-up feet pics than barefoot pics. Try to keep both the elements in your feet content. If you are already bored with clicking your natural feet pics you can try out these tips to bring diversity to your OnlyFans profile.


The fetish for heeled feet is very common. You must have noticed many female porn stars in heels while shooting adult content. Be it a porn video or a fetish shoot heels are the perfect addition to heat things up.

In the eye of fetishists, it looks fascinating how high heels enhance your foot arch.


Plain white and rainbow-striped socks are preferably more attractive. Socked fetish is not so common. However, knee socks look tempting as they enhance your calves.


Tattooed feet are one of the most sold feet pics on OnlyFans. They are not just sexually appealing, it’s also bought for inspiring foot tattoos.


Spread the petal around your feet to give a perfect setting for your feet pics.


Toes rings and anklets are the best addition to your foot accessories. They add personality yet give your feet a delicate look.

Nail Paint

You need sharp nail colours to make your feet look attractive.

Try different possess

One leg forward

Keep one leg forward and stand in a straight position. It will help you show the front profile of your feet in pictures.

Twist your torso

Slightly twist your waist and put one leg in front of the other. Rest your weight on your back feet which should be angled out, while keeping the front feet straight.

Flamingo position

This one has the purpose to show the side profile of your feet. Keep the camera on either side of your hand. Bend one knee inward and let your leg stay in the air while keeping the other one on the floor.

Crossed feet in the air

Cross your legs. It’s one of the most common foot poses.

Walking over tightrope pose

Imagine you are walking over a rope, in which your feet are at 90 degrees. Try posing for it in heels to give a more appealing look.

Foot soles

Grab a follower and put it between your toes and capture your soles.

Foot selfies

Put on nice nail colour and show the upward profile of your feet in foot selfies.

Use kinky props

Use sex toys for feet bondage and lubricating liquid to make your feet sexually desirable. You can hold the dildo prop between your feet or capture your feet dripping with honey or wax etc.

Is OnlyFans good for selling feet pics?

How to grow your OnlyFans by selling feet pics?

You must know the general rules to land more subscribers on your OnlyFans page. You can grow your OnlyFans in the following way.


Perform digital promotion. Let your friends on social media apps help you promote your page in a better way. Mention your OnlyFans profile link in your bio, or you can create a business account and add some of your feet pics to gain followers.

Mention your services in OnlyFans Bio

List the type of feet pics you sell in your OnlyFans bio. It’s a shopfront, and it should clearly state the content you post on your page.

Invest in the OnlyFans banner

Take your feet pic in the best setting and upload it as your banner on OnlyFans. It will help you appear in a better way so make sure you upload your feet pics in the correct size i.e, 1500 × 350 px.

Make friends in your niche

It’s important how you interact with fellow content creators in the fetish industry. The more you are social and connected with them, the more you have the chance to attract subscribers.

P.S; If You Are a Feet Sellers, What are some cool Feet Pics OnlyFans Ideas?

The aforementioned tips will help you grow your OnlyFans in a better way. However, your feet poses, lighting, equipment, and videos aren’t enough to attract subscribers. You must promote your page the right way to gain more foot pics sales.

However, tattooed, slender, pedicured, heeled, and socked feet sell the most on OnlyFans.



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