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How To Make Money on Fansly as a Guy?

How, you, as a guy make money on Fansly?

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Fansly is a subscription-based social media website, and you can either subscribe to a paid subscription account or a subscription-free account. It is almost identical to Onlyfans, and recently when Onlyfans announced that they would ban sexual content, then Fansly has done tremendous marketing, which made it successful.

But after a while, Onlyfans retrieved their decision to ban adult content. However, this announcement helped Fansly to attract more content creators and subscribers. Fansly is getting more popular than Onlyfans, and they have some features which Onlyfans do not have. Fansly reportedly experienced a record 4000 subscriptions in only one hour. Most of the content on Fansly is adult content, and the creators are earning a huge amount of money through content creation.

The majority of the subscribers on Fansly are males, and most of the content creators are females, which makes it difficult for the new male content creators to jump into this ocean. But don’t worry, there are numerous ways of making money on Fansly as a guy, and many male content creators are already making a decent amount of money. In this article, you will learn “how to make money on Fansly as a guy!”

You can join Fansly as a creator here: Join Fansly as a creator.

How to get started on Fansly as a male content creator?

First of all, you need to brainstorm what kind of content you want to sell on Fansly. Because the audience on the Fansly does not purchases any product, but they are actually buying you and your content as entertainment which they can not find at any other place. The other things that you can do to boost your earning on Fansly as a guy are given below:

  • Marketing of your content: Reddit these days proved to be very beneficial for the Fansly and Onlyfans content creators. You can post and advertise your content on Reddit regularly and can witness an enormous increase in your subscribers.
  • Shoutouts: Many Instagram, Twitter, and Fansly accounts promote the content creators' content and profiles. If you get maximum shoutouts from those accounts that are already famous and have a huge number of subscribers, you can enjoy huge growth in your audience of Fansly.
  • Niche-oriented content: The competition for males is relevantly high on every social media website where most of the content is adult. You should post your niche’s oriented content, and you should do it sincerely. If you are consistent in posting content and sincere in your niche, you can earn a lot of money on Fansly. You can post any type of content on Fansly; you can post fitness content, adult content, vlog content, motivational, or any kind of content in which you think you are best; you can post it and enjoy the fruit of your hard work.

Making money selling your feet pics on FeetFinder:

FeetFinder is an amazing website for selling your feet pics and make money. If you want to make money without showing your face, FeetFinder is an amazing website where you can get more fans and customers.

You can make money on FeetFinder through two ways; first, you can upload feet pics and create Feet albums and make money through getting sales. Feet album is a one-time created product and could be bought multiple times. You can also make money on FeetFinder through getting paying subscribers. Join FeetFinder here as a feet seller.

How can a guy make serious money on Fansly?

There are many ways on Fansly through which you can make serious money Fansly. The most popular methods of making money on Fansly are given below:

  1. Subscriptions: You can earn a decent amount of money on Fansly through monthly subscriptions. Your subscribers pay a certain amount to you for subscribing to your content. Fansly takes 20% from all your earnings, and you can enjoy your remaining 80%. However, subscriptions are not the only way of making money on Fansly because it is just a way of getting started.
  2. Paid content: You can earn a huge amount of money by posting paid content on your profile. The subscribers can only watch the content if they pay for it. If you are successful in getting a large number of subscribers on Fansly, you can earn a huge amount of money.
  3. Direct messages: Fans feel thrilled when their favorite content creators talk to them directly, and they pay well when you give them your precious time. As a guy content creator, you should ask your fans every time what they want to see, and you can create their favorite type of content for making some extra bucks.
  4. Live stream: The other way of getting tips from your fans is to interact with them regularly through live stream, and they will give you tips during the live stream. You can stream any kind of content to steal tips from your fans.
  5. Work as a couple: Couple’s content is trending on Fansly, and Onlyfans, the content creators working with their partners, are getting more money than the other content creators. You can sell your explicit content with your wife or husband in private messages and get a huge amount of money.

Other Fansly alternatives:

There are countless other alternatives like Fansly where you as a guy can make money running an adult subscription or fan page. FriendsOnly is a platform where I was a guy who made money. The good thing about FriendsOnly is that they give you more exposure and help you grow organically.

PS: Making Money on Fansly as a Guy:

It was getting hard to earn money during the pandemic, and that was the time when Fansly and other social media websites like it came into the life of content creators so they could earn serious money by selling their content. You can make serious money on Fansly as a guy if you are consistent in creating quality content.

Advertise your content on different social media platforms and increase your subscribers. The more subscribers you attract, the more you will get paid by selling your content.

Disclosure: There are affiliate links in this article and we will make money if someone chooses to buy anything through these links. It will be of no additional cost to you.



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