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How To Make Money on Onlyfans Fast

How fast you can make money on Onlyfans?

how to make money on Onlyfans fast
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Adult content creators rock on Onlyfans but if you are wondering how fast you can make money on Onlyfans this is the guide for you.

Onlyfans is a website which is getting popularity day by day. The reason for the popularity is how fast puberty starts nowadays in adults. Onlyfans is a secure platform with no restrictions or limitations on video posting.

Content creators of Onlyfans have the leverage of video posting of their choice. Videos help them to earn for their expenses. Payments from the Onlyfans account are easy to withdraw. This platform has many creators who are working to generate revenue from videos.

Such a process takes creators to need time to get popularity.

The Big Misunderstanding Creators have about Onlyfans:

Onlyfans has 98% of the porn content and they have hundreds of thousands of creators on their platform. A huge portion of adult content creators thinks it is very easy to get paying fans and they might be right and wrong at the same time.

  • You can make money on Onlyfans fast if you are young, fit, attractive, and know a bit about marketing. It will be easy for you to get more followers and all you need to do is to create more content.
  • It is hard for you to make money if you don’t have anything to offer to your followers or subscribers.

Ways to earn on Onlyfans:

Many methods can help you to earn on Onlyfans. Some methods are for instant and fast earning, and some help you earn with time. Earning methods on Onlyfans are discussed below:

1. Build social media

Video creators on Onlyfans should have a good following or audience. The audience they have a chance to get more views on their videos. Video creators need to be socialized, and if they are not, they must interact with others to socialize. Money is a thing which is necessary in any case for the expenses.

It drives you to work hard on things. Making your PR helps you to earn in better ways. Fast payments could only be achieved with a growing social account. Video creators should get on to different accounts and posts regarding their videos. They should come up with new ideas and unique stories so people can get attracted to them.

2. Premium content posting

Fast earning methods have two key points: high-quality content and hard work. Video creators should make high-quality, supreme, and premium content to attract the audience.

People are now more concerned about the quality because of saturation on the website. Many people make videos on this, but very few are in the race for exclusive content. To earn fast and the best, you must make good content with unique quality.

Upload more pay-per-views on Megacams:

Do you know? Adult content creators make the most money through uploading their videos and selling them on a pay-per-view basis. There is a website for it where you can upload your pay-per-view videos and make money called Megacams.

If you upload a mixture of free and well-paid content, you will get more viewership and sales. You can also make money through other ways like chatting with your fans and letting them pay for a video or a picture you just upload for them. Join Megacams here as a creator.

3. Make two accounts on Onlyfans

Making two different accounts on Onlyfans help to improve the audience. Creators should post exclusive content on one account. To the second account, they should post trailers, free videos, and ideas so people’s attention could be grabbed.

The creator can gather popularity with an account that has free videos. Once they like the quality, they will automatically come towards the premium content.

4. Share videos on Reddit and Twitter

Posting video links on social media accounts can also help gain views and ultimately earn. Having the attention and attraction of people boost your confidence and stamina. This helps you work hard and come up with new content of high quality.

Reddit is a platform with popularity, making a thread popular. Usage of the Reddit voting system help to make a link popular, and it will get views.

People’s ratio on Reddit is very much because it is now a knowledgeable source of every kind of information.

Twitter is also very popular to do marketing for better views of Onlyfans videos. Twitter allows every kind of sexual thing to be posted, and it has a good impact on popularity. Creators can use hashtags for their links and videos. Content creators can also make unique informational points about porn and sex, attracting the audience to your page.

These activities are for your earning because popularity helps gather an audience for your page. Such platforms are also helpful for the audience because they can get information and land on the right page with stories and hashtags.

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5. Share premium photos on the account

Sharing premium quality photos on your accounts will attract people’s interest to your page. It helps them to judge the kind of page and type of video. Through this, you can earn in a better way.

6. Shout-outs from Onlyfans creators

Another way of getting an audience is a shout-out from Onlyfans. They can give a shout-out to you and will charge a bit amount. These shout-outs are very helpful because they provide huge traffic of people to your account.

Fast earning methods are a bit difficult, but they will help you maintain your account if you try them. These methods provide subscribers and views a paywall. Subscribers help you earn in better ways than views, but views are a long-term source of earning.


Onlyfans allow you to earn in better means by posting sexual content of low and premium quality. There are of-course many methods that help you to maintain your Onlyfans account. If you socialize yourself on multiple accounts, it will be easy to earn, and you can earn fast. Having multiple accounts also help you to gain traffic.



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