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How To Sell Feet Pictures on Snapchat?

How can you use Snapchat as a marketing tool and a selling point for your feet pics and videos?

how to sell feet pics using snapchat?
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Snapchat works differently than other social media platforms. Unlike Facebook, your Snapchat post remains active for 24 hours only. This feature brings many ways to promote your feet pics through Snapchat.

It provides you with a forum to showcase your feet to more than 530 million users. This is where you are going to get most of your buyer market. Keep reading to know the step-by-step guide to selling your feet pics on Snapchat.

How to sell feet pics on Snapchat?

To get your feet business started on Snapchat you are required to follow these steps.

  • Download Snapchat.
  • Register your account. You can register free for a premium as well as a public account.
  • Log in with your username and password.
  • Upload your feet pics and videos in your Snapchat stories.
  • Set monthly subscription charges that usually range from $10 to $30. As a beginner, try to keep the rates near average to get more followers. Remember you need followers, it will gradually help you set the impression.
  • Follow others in your niche.

Can I sell feet pics to feet fetishists on Snapchat?

Yeah, it’s totally fine if you are interested in selling your feet pics to feet fetishists.

Snapchat allows you to get your clients from all over the world and from any industry. You can sell your feet pics and videos unless there is no sexual act involved in it. To be specific, there is a fine boundary between a fetish and adult content.

You are required to maintain that difference. You can show your feet in certain poses and backgrounds. Put on sexy high heels and pantyhose to make it more appealing.

For custom-made content, you can offer to include other body parts in your feet pics, and videos.

It’s better that you only include your feet in pictures and videos. Here are some ideas you can showcase through your content.

  • Playing with your feet
  • Foot massage
  • Different feet poses
  • Barefoot walk
  • Heeled and socked feet
  • Show your legs
  • Beautiful feet with tempting nail paint.
  • Rubbing your foot soles.
  • Pictures of your feet lubricated in honey, petroleum jelly, Nutella, etc.

How to sell feet pics on FeetFinder and Use Snapchat as a marketing tool?

FeetFinder is the best site for selling your feet pics and making money.

You can make money on FeetFinder in two ways; you upload your feet pics and make an album and sell that album unlimited times as a one-time product. You can also make money selling your FeetFinder fan page and make money by getting paying subscribers.

Paying subscribers pay you a 30-days fee to get access to your content. You need to produce content for your fans on a consistent basis to entertain your super fans.

FeetFinder is a №1 site for selling your feet pics and you have the opportunity to get discovered. The site has over 350,000+ creators and over half a million users. Join FeetFinder here as a creator.

Is Snapchat safe and legal?

Not to worry your feet pics and videos are protected under end-to-end encryption. Having said that, while you enjoy the full privacy setup of this platform, make sure you don’t use any illegal means to earn on Snapchat.

The initiative taken by Snapchat to disappear your pictures after 24 hours and your snaps after replying for one-time max has kept it unique from other forums.

However, hackers have now designed techniques to restore your old snaps. And this is quite horrifying if you have been sharing your nudes. It’s better that you watermark your feet pics before uploading them to your Snapchat to prevent content theft.

At what age can I sell my feet pics on Snapchat?

You can sign up for Snapchat if you’re 13 or older. However, to become a premium Snapchat user you will have to be 16 at least.

To sell your feet pics you will probably have to sign up for premium Snapchat. You can’t just post your feet pics publicly. Or you can sell them privately, but you can’t really know your client's age on Snapchat unless you know them personally.

This is why signing up for premium is best. Snapchat will automatically verify the subscriber’s age to legally buy your feet pics.

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How to increase my sales on Snapchat?

The fun tools and filters on Snapchat have created huge craziness in users. The app is indeed a 24/7 entertainment for some and a business for others. Let’s see how one can increase their sales of feet pics on Snapchat.

Hire Snapchat management service

The subscription management services help you manage your business account. FanCentro is one known subscriptions management platform that manages your client’s inquiries, and subscriptions and offers other customer services.

It will help you focus on creating your content rather than managing these pesky tasks.

Use Public Snapchat

You can sell your feet pics publicly to get more buyers. However, many individuals who are in their teens might also view your stories. So, it’s better you post decent feet pics on your public account.

Make sure that you stay consistent with posting your stories as they would get deleted after 24 hours of posting.

Submit your snaps to spotlight

Promote your short feet videos or tell the audience about your services and your journey. The spotlight feature helps you get your video in the spotlight of most viral videos on Snapchat.

Make sure your feet video is authentic and unique enough to get as many screenshots, views, and shares. Use relevant hashtags while posting your stories.

Use premium Snapchat

Unlike the public account, you can keep your posts on your profile with no time limitations. Also, the premium Snapchat enables you to protect your content from copyright infringement.

Buyers will have to pay subscription charges to see your feet pics and videos. The subscription charges can be anywhere between $10 to $30. Many top earners charge $50 as their subscription rates depending upon the content type.

Premium Snapchat is more or less the OnlyFans account where you get paid for as much as adult content you post. It also includes feet pics and videos. Distributors charge extra for custom-made content.

The custom-made content might include requests for a foot job, intense foot play, and striptease feet videos.

Boost your Snapchat followers

Grow your account by getting as many followers as you can. Post viral videos and share your snap code on your social media accounts.

Post your feet pics publicly so that viewers got the idea of the content you post. Share your daily snaps three times a day, each after three to five hours. Make sure you don’t spam your followers with boring stuff.

According to a study conducted by Snaplytics, engagement drops by 36% once users reach the fourth snap of a story. source

It affirms that posting more than 3 to 4 times in a single day can drop your follower’s engagement.

You can post teasers or screenshots from reviews on your stories as well.

Create Snapchat Ads

There are various ways to create advertisements on Snapchat. The most premium one is creating sponsored lenses and filters. You can create Snapchat filters for feet and lenses for entertainment purposes.

Other sorts of advertisements include ten seconds short videos. The augmented reality ads cost between $3 to $8 per impression, whereas a geo-filter costs $5 to $20. However, community filters can be created for free.

How much money can I make on Snapchat by selling my feet pics?

You can earn around $3000 on Snapchat by selling feet pics depending upon the quality of content. Many feet pics distributors who sell their content to feet fetishists earn more than $5000 in a single month. The earnings might also range from $100 to $10,000 depending upon the number of followers.

However, as a beginner, you can earn $5 to $10 per feet picture. And this can become productive gradually. You can charge anywhere between $20 to $40 for a 60-second video.

P.S; How to sell feet pics on Snapchat?

It’s easy yet entertaining to sell your feet pics on Snapchat. Unlike OnlyFans and Feetfinder, Snapchat is not banned in most regions. Thus, you can legally sell your content to every part of this world.

The premium Snapchat enables you to earn on subscription bases. The great news is you are not charged a single penny as a commission. However, you will have to invest $5 for a single-day advertisement.

There is no doubt you can earn lucratively using Snapchat tools like Geofilters, sponsored lenses, and filters.

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