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Model Release Form In Onlyfans: How To Get Model Consent Form In Onlyfans?

If another person appears or acts in your Onlyfans videos, you need to have a Model release form download it from Onlyfans, signed it, and upload it to the Onlyfans page so you tell OF staff that this person consented to be in the video.

model release form for Onlyfans creators
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While many people undermine Onlyfans for being “unprofessional,” the reality is, that it is one of the most professional places out on the internet. Largely because it wants to make sure the platform becomes a place where it gives everyone equal opportunity to grow and to list content that is loved and liked by subscribers.

Adult content creators on the internet need to be cautious regarding their profiles. There are certain laws and regulations that Onlyfans wants you to be aware of, and if you do not follow them, the chances are your account could be blocked. Thus you have to follow the rules so you do not lose all the hard work that you have done.

One of the rules that Onlyfans is extremely cautious about is, that it does not want your account, which is meant to publish and share “your” adult content, to be featuring other models. There are plenty of reasons why Onlyfans takes it very seriously and wants you to because this could be used as a way to share underage content on the platform or even worse.

In this article, I will talk about if it is okay for your account to be featuring more adult models or not, and if you want to, what is the right path to do so.

Is it okay to feature someone else on my Onlyfans account?

I cannot speak for everyone but it certainly is okay for you to be featuring someone else alongside yourself on your Onlyfans account.

There can be multiple reasons for you to do so. Maybe you want subscribers to see yourself engaging with a “guest” model, or play some of their fantasies. Nonetheless, having someone besides yourself on your Onlyfans is okay.

However, there is a proper roadmap to do so because the platform does not allow you to feature someone else as discussed earlier in the article.

If you do not follow the proper guidelines before having a guest appearance on your profile, the chances are your profile will instantly get banned. On top of it, as the platform has very strict regulations regarding this, there is a chance they can reach out to authorities regarding your complaint.

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How to feature someone on your Onlyfans account?

Now that we know why you would want to feature someone on your Onlyfans account, and what kind of policies the platform has regarding it. The next thing is how you can go about it which includes the followings:

1. Getting permission from a model or whoever you want to feature:

The first thing is, that you need to have verbal consent from someone you want to feature on the platform. This is going to be between you two and will constitute what kind of acts you will be doing, and how much will each person be going to earn.

All of this needs to be discussed between the two parties because future tussles may erupt without it. I would recommend you write this in an email so you can make things clear. Make sure to mention the following(s):

  • Date and Time.
  • Acts to perform.
  • Duration of the act that is to be performed.
  • If there will be someone beside you where the act will be photographed or not.
  • Who will earn how much?
  • Bring their ID card along with them.
  • Are they comfortable with it or not, and can they say no if they feel unsafe or not up to it during the recording session.

Having a record of the basic information will not only make you look professional but will also make the process much faster and safer for you both.

Better Onlyfans alternative:

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2. Filling a Model release form:

After you know who is going to be working with you to be featured on your Onlyfans profile. The next step for you is to make sure you follow the guidelines ruled out by Onlyfans. The guidelines are nothing out of the ordinary as you will be filling out a “model release” form.

The purpose of this form is to mention the information of the model that will also include their Identification or ID to ensure they are above 18 and also to ensure that model(s) have consented to distribute their content on your profile through the help of streaming, live and also downloadable means. A model release is a simple contract or an agreement allowing you to assign or sell certain rights of publicity and privacy of a model through the help of your brand, profile, or company.

Depending upon the kind of work you want to achieve from the model(s), the model release form can be 1 to 10 pages long.

The ideal way is to buy the entire pack of production forms that includes the following agreement forms:

  • 18 USC 2257 Compliance form
  • Work for Hire agreement
  • Independent Contract Agreement
  • Location Release Agreement
  • Updated Model Release Agreement
  • Updated Model Release for Content Share Agreement
  • Updated Model Release for Content Trade Agreement

If you do not want to own the entire set, of course depending upon the nature of your work, you will at least need to have a 2257 Compliance Form which will have basic identification questions regarding a model thus ensuring their identity.

3. Filling a 2257 Compliance Form:

Filling a 2257 Compliance Form does not need you to hire an attorney, however, there are certain things you will need to be cautious about which includes the following:

  • Make sure every model signs its own 2257 Compliance Form because as per the law each model has to sign its own 2257 Compliance Form.
  • Make sure to take a picture of each model holding their Identity Card or ID next to their face (including both of the ID sides). The purpose of this exercise is to make it clear that the person holding the ID belongs to them, and they are above the age of 18.
  • All the written information needs to match with the information on the ID card.
  • You can use Model Releaser which is a great app that is downloadable on Android and AppStore. The app is free but has some in-app products that will cost you $3.99 to $12.99 depending on what kind of services you require.

4. Submitting a Model Release form to Onlyfans:

Depending upon what method you use to download the 2257 Compliance Form, you will have to make a soft copy that you can email to Onlyfans.

The best way is to reach out with the form and your account details to the Onlyfans customer support who look at your query and if everything is working, will give you the much-needed permission.

The process can take up to 12 to 48 Hours for Onlyfans to process and will respond to you depending upon if you are missing out on something important or not.

You can submit your application to Onlyfans contact where you will have to enter the name, and your email address associated with the profile you have and select the subject either “Registration and Verification” or “Law Enforcement/Legal Matter.”


Just because you have a profile on Onlyfans does not mean you can do whatever you feel like doing. Onlyfans have some strict guidelines over what a person can do and what they cannot do. Since your Onlyfans profile is meant to feature you, you can invite more model(s) but for that, you will have to fill out a model release form to make sure they are of legal age and consent to the act.

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