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New To Onlyfans But I am Not Getting Views or Followers on my OF Page? What Should I Do Now?

Beginner Onlyfans creators struggle with getting views or followers on their Onlyfans page, what should you do in this situation?

new to Onlyfans? how to grow your Onlyfans page viewers and followers
New to Onlyfans? How to grow your Onlyfans page viewers and followers/ Photo by Bermix Studio on Unsplash

If you are new to Onlyfans and pushing harder to create content but seeing no results, you are not alone in this and the average monthly income of Onlyfans creators is way above $180. You might have seen people making hundreds of thousands of dollars as a creator on Onlyfans and have the idea that Onlyfans is an easy platform to make money but they are wrong.

Onlyfans today is very competitive and hard to get more fans but if you are new and just uploaded a few videos and didn’t do any marketing, you might end up frustrated and don’t get any traction. The point most beginner Onlyfans creators misses is ‘even if you are a sexy supermodel but nobody knows about you or see you, you don’t get any fans or followers

The big problem with Onlyfans with respect to creators:

Onlyfans have discoverability problems. They never tried to solve it or somehow they use this weak point of theirs for their own benefit. You don’t get more viewers, what will you do? you promote it on social media and people will sign-up to subscribe to you. They are charging you a 20% commission on every sale even though you are the one who is bringing them more business.

Onlyfans doesn’t care about you. They care about their business more than anything that is why they have announced back in August 2021 that they are banning adult content creators. We have listed some potential Onlyfans alternatives where you can make money.

Fanvue is a site like Onlyfans where you can create a fan page and make money by getting paid subscribers. They are also solving the discoverability problem and introduced a new feature called ‘Discover’ where you will be discovered by Fanvue users. Fanvue charges a 15% commission on the first 12 months and after that, they charge 20% commission. The best thing about Fanvue is super fast payout options and they are open for more feature requests. You request a feature and it will be available to you in 48 hours.

What are some Onlyfans marketing channels you can use as a beginner?

If you are new to Marketing your Onlyfans, this is a short version of the article to help you with marketing and become a successful adult content creator. The two important things you need to understand is; if you are not getting any success on Onlyfans, it doesn’t mean you are unattractive or ugly, you need to work on your content and your marketing.

Following are some of the platforms you can use as a new Onlyfans creator to get more viewers, followers, and so end up making more money.

Using Twitter as a marketing Channel for your Onlyfans page:

Twitter is a base of individuals with high salaries or holding important positions in organizations or companies or in general people with good salaries. I have worked for an Onlyfans creator and she was only active on Twitter. Twitter was the only platform she was using and she was making over $1,000 a month on Onlyfans. The Interesting thing was most of her income was from custom requests and this speaks volumes that Twitter is one of the best places to promote your Onlyfans page as a beginner.

Twitter is an adult content friendly platform and you can upload any type of content and can find an audience for your business. You can learn more about marketing your Onlyfans on Twitter here: How to promote the Onlyfans page through Twitter?

Using Instagram and TikTok to promote or grow your Onlyfans page:

Instagram and TikTok are in the grey zone for adult content creators to market and upload content. It is against the policies of Instagram and TikTok to add your OF link in the Bio of your profiles.

But, OF creators are smart and they always find a way. You can upload videos on TikTok and add a Linktree link in your Bio. You can do the same on Instagram.

I have asked these questions from some of the creators in my connection and they told me that they are getting 10 to 15 paid subscribers from TikTok if the video gets over 10K+ views. Some creators always have a backup TikTok account so they can use it whenever there is some problem with their main TikTok account.

Instagram is also called a rich-kid app and you can use it to grow your Onlyfans page you need to adopt some strategies like uploading multiple posts a day, engaging with your followers, and making interesting content. TikTok and Instagram don’t allow you to publish sexually explicit content.

Using Reddit to promote your OF Page as a beginner:

Reddit is my №1 choice for promoting content. Even though you can find almost every Onlyfans or Fansly creator on Reddit and a lot of people think that it is very dense or competitive for getting subscribers from Reddit but if you understand the platform and have a sound content strategy in place, it is easier to get more viewers or fans on your Onlyfans. I have discussed this in detail in one of my articles: How to promote the Onlyfans page on Reddit?

Let me explain how Reddit works;

If you want to post something on a Subreddit, you need Karma (post and comment karma) and age of the account.

You can increase your Karma by commenting on Memes subreddits and the age is just 1 week is enough to post into the NSFW subreddits.

I hope this post will help you market your Onlyfans as a beginner.

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