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What Are MYM Fans? How To Make Money On MYM Fans? Are MYM Fans legit?

What are MYM fans? and how you can start an adult subscription business around your content on MYM Fans?

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MYM Fans is one of the most famous content subscription platforms with many promising features. A content creator’s fan page or profile contains both private and public content, but there are some rules regarding public content and private content. The platform has an interactive interface, and the navigation of the website is smooth.

MYM dot Fans is a great platform that brings fans and creators together. The private or exclusive content is always protected and stored behind a paywall that can only be accessible to the fan when he pays for the content. The website’s security is also up to the mark, and you can start your career on this platform without worrying about anything.

What is MYM.Fans?

MYM.Fans is a content subscription platform that brings fans and creators together. It helps the content creators to convert their fans into paying subscribers. Suppose you are working on social media platforms and have gathered some followers. If you want to convert those followers into paying subscribers, you can try MYM.

It is easy to join the platform, and you will enjoy many benefits and features that you will not be able to see on other platforms. Fans on the platform can also request custom content that is also in favor of the content creator. If a fan asks for custom content, you can charge the amount you want to charge and deliver that content.

Who can join MYM.Fans?

Anyone who is above 18 years of age can join the platform and start making money with ease. However, you will have to verify your identity, and after that, you can become a verified content creator on the platform.

Better alternatives for MYM fans?

Fanvue is a website where you can make money selling content and make money through subscriptions. Fanvue is a better version of MYM fans or Onlyfans. They have live-customer support and also help you with the discovery of your content. They have a new feature called ‘Fanvue Discover’ where all your free content is shown to new users.

Fanvue is a very different platform as it charges a 15% commission from creators for the first 12 months. They have the fastest payout options, you get paid under 30 minutes compared to 3 to 5 working days on Onlyfans.

Is there any cost for joining MYM?

It is totally free to join the platform as a content creator. There is no fee for joining the platform, but indeed you will be given a commission on every earning to the platform.

What payout rate MYM.Fans offers?

MYM offers a 75% payout rate to the content creators, and the platform takes a 25% commission from the creators.

How to make money on MYM?

There are various monetization models that a content creator or model can take into consideration for making money on the platform. Some of the methods you can try for making money on MYM are given below:


A content creator’s primary income on the platform comes from monthly subscriptions. The fans who want to see or watch your content have to pay a certain amount that you set on the platform for watching your content.

The content creator has to get more subscribers to make more money on the platform from subscriptions. If you are already working on a social media platform with a great number of followers, then you can make a lot of money by converting those free followers into paid MYM subscribers.


Don’t forget the large portion of the content creator’s income. Tips can be a game-changer for you. If you are not getting a large number of subscribers, then don’t worry; you can still make a lot of money by getting tips from the fans who love your content.

Private media:

Private media works the same way as Onlyfans PPV. The fans can not watch the private media content without paying the amount you set. You can make a lot of money by selling private media content. You have to post exclusive, sexy, and seductive content in private media to boost your sales.

Custom Media:

Another way of making money on the platform is selling custom media. You can sell the desired or requested content for a certain amount of money. Once a subscriber has requested the piece of content he wants to see, for instance, a solo sex video, you will have 72-hours to provide the requested content.

Push Media:

Push media is another way of making money on the platform. Using this feature, you can make money from your current or former subscribers. If you have created new content, you can send it to the DMs of your fans, and they can choose either to buy it or not.

Is MYM.Fans legitimate?

MYM is a legit platform with a lot of positive reviews. There are new scams associated with this platform, and the Trustpilot score is also worth noting. You can create content on this platform without worrying about anything.

Is it easy to use MYM?

MYM is designed beautifully; the website’s interface is engaging and provides all the features you need. The website’s analytics is also great because you can get all the details required for boosting your number of subscribers on the platform. UI/UX designs are also fantastic, PLUS they are super user-friendly.

Final Verdict:

It is concluded that the platform is legitimate, and they have an excellent support team to assist their creators. As a content creator, you have many options for making money on the platform. You get different monetization options with fair chances of getting success on the platform because of the discoverability feature. Although the payout rate is a bit low than other platforms, it is still a reasonable payout rate.

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