Skill building as a career strategy

Versatility is imperative in today’s world

My goal has always been to be versatile and have flexibility in my career. In today’s economy it’s the only way I know how to prepare for the future.

Many jobs that people have today didn’t exist ten years ago. My last three jobs didn’t exist before I had the role. The workplace is changing — fast.

So instead of having a strategy where I aim for a specific role or company I focus on building skills.

At work I volunteer for things that are outside of my current skills. In multiple roles I have volunteered to teach trainings or develop training material. When I first did this I didn’t know what I was doing. Over time it became a strength.

Outside of work I’ll volunteer to speak and present so that I can become a strong public streaker.

Throughout my career I’ve also taken a deliberate strategy to work in different area. I’ve worked in finance, manufacturing, strategy, research and talent roles.

I don’t have a clear goal for where I expect these skills to take me — I just hope to have more options and flexibility later in my career.

I’m writing every day in February — inspired by Seth Godin’s daily writing practice. These are not meant to be perfect, but would love to hear people’s thoughts along the way.

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