New Windows and Inspections

Rebuilding a Beautiful, Vacant Historic Detroit Home (Episode 19)

Our spring cleaning lawn overhaul was a huge success! 35 lawn bags!
“If we can get enough people to come along, I know this city can thrive again.” — Stephen Henderson


This past week or so we’ve been having visits from all kinds of subcontractors. HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Plaster, Flooring and more stopped by to make corrections, calculations, and preparations for our rough inspection. We finished installation of our bathroom and laundry venting, began sealing our master bath shower floor, and AC installation placement was finalized. By this past Wednesday we finally had our date with the inspector and passed with flying colors! Now that our inspection is complete, we’ll be able to move on to insulating our exposed walls and beginning to lay drywall.

(Left) We’ve actually never seen these walls finished so drywall day can’t come soon enough!
(Left) New venting installed for our 2nd floor laundry (Right) New laundry venting

Yard Work Extravaganza

We’ve been really trying to tackle the yard these past two weeks anytime it’s nice enough to be outside. Brandon and I purchased our very first lawnmower, and if you know Brandon you know it had to be electric. We bought a high powered, electric lawn mower from EGO at Home Depot and decided to give it a go. With our double lot we were concerned the battery wouldn’t last long enough but we found it could complete our yard and then some! It was also much quieter than any gas mower I’ve ever used which means it’s easy to pop some headphones in while you work.

We ended this week with our first lawn bag pickup and 35 lawn bags full of ivy, twigs, branches and grass.

New Window!

Our new kitchen window finally arrived! Unfortunately, the leaded panes are the wrong proportion to match the rest of our home’s windows, but upon delivery the window manufacturer noticed their mistake and told us they will be making us a new leaded sash to fix the issue. We can’t wait to get this baby installed and let some light into the room!

New true leaded window!

Special Assessment District

Yesterday we attended our first University District community meeting regarding our neighborhood becoming a Special Assessment District. It was a great opportunity to meet some more of our amazing neighbors and learn about what becoming a SAD means for our community. I encourage everyone who is a part of our University District neighborhood to take the time to come to the 2nd SAD meeting in two weeks on May 18th at Palmer Park Prep. Brandon and I support the efforts of the SAD after attending the meeting and learning more and signed our community’s petition yesterday.

If you’d like to learn more, please attend the next meeting to get all of your questions answered and be able to make and informed decision on whether your home would like to cast your vote for becoming an SAD! more info can be found on the UDCA Facebook Page or on the UDCA website

Our Journey isn’t over! We’ve been working hard since we purchased the home in November 2016 and are writing updates on our progress roughly every week. Make sure to check out our latest updates on our homepage or follow us on Facebook!

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