Entrepreneurship Lecture: Brandon Morse

Brandon Morse is a Washington D.C. based artist who is know for creating a variety of visual art pieces using computer programming. Through the use of simulations and generative systems, Brandon Morse creates long running animations where the objects and visuals on screen behave based on a set of algorithms and code that allow them to behave in unpredictable ways while also forming shapes and patterns pleasing to the eye. Because the visuals are being animated base on the guide lines in the programming, they can run continuously for hours without looping or receiving input from the artist. Like any other piece of art, there is often a metaphor behind them or a feeling that he wants the audience to experience.

I would consider Brandon Morse to be an entrepreneur in his approach to creating a better experience for the audience. These generative systems are created using the latest technology and Morse is always looking for new forms to create as well as ways to improve upon the programming. He also works to improve the presentation of the visuals to enhance the experience of the viewer. When his pieces are featured in galleries, they are often set up on large walls, ceilings, and floors to give the viewer a sense that they are being enveloped or carried away by the flowing visuals.

One of the main takeaways from Brandon Morse’s lecture was that some of the best creations are not necessarily the ones you plan to the last detail. His art work is very different and is mostly about giving the viewer something interesting to look at as well as experience. Something I learned was that it is always a good idea to experiment. Trying out new ideas as well as new technologies. While his particular form of art may not translate very well to my field of study, I do see the importance of looking for new ways to create visually stunning pieces of art.

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