Pidge by Renee Zhan

Under 5 minutes, Renee Zhan creates a fantastically morbid examination of a suicidal pigeon. The protagonist jumps off a rooftop and is plummeting to its death, although it can ironically stop at any moment. The animation style supports the lethargic personality of the pigeon, including the muted colors and sketch like drawing. The piece is guided through dead pan narration fueled by nihilist cynicism.

This is shown especially at 1:30, when the protagonist is assembling bicycles that “stupid girls like because they look European or some shit”.

Blending the fictional world of this existential pigeon with the pessimistic observations of everyday non-fiction, the narrative works on so many levels of enjoyment. On a technical analysis, the sound design was very well done. The background sounds of New York streets to the air movements of the pigeon’s descent all seemed both appropriate and well executed.

My sole negative comment is that this video was only 5 minutes long.