Promoting Good Animation

Paradise Seekers is short animation by the YouTuber by the name of GoldenPhoenix101. I chose this video specifically because this animator taught me most of the animating tricks of photoshop I know and has shown to me that even the smallest of sound effects like the animal sounds over the Wolf Rain anime voice tracks in this video can immerse the viewer in the universe of the video. This animator also is very proficient in synchronizing lip motion with the audio to represent realistic lip movement and facial expressions, similar to those in humans.

Just some of the intense and expressive faces of the characters.

The action shots, like second 10 to 16 and minute 1 to 1:06, are easy to follow the movement of the characters around the setting while not giving the audience whip lash or being confused about the movement of the camera, creating overall smooth moving shots. My only complaint with the short animation is that it hasn't aged well, with the quality of the frames being low and pixelated, as well as the frames not being crisp differences between each frame more overlaid each other, which could be the fault of the editing program or youtube’s compression system.

This film holds lots of fond memories for me and I can still easily appreciate it’s craft today.