Promoting Good Animation: HOUND

HOUND by Georgia Kriss

This video is a perfect example of good animation. It is a compilation of clips of different dog breeds, and the animator has exaggerated each breed’s recognizable characteristics in a funny and sometimes slightly creepy way. I chose this clip because it caught my attention within the first few seconds, which I believe is important in any short. I thought it was very funny which made me want to continue watching.

One element which had a positive influence on the video would be that it was written as a non-narrative, as it had no recognizable story line. I thought this was an effective choice because it allowed Kris to add as many different dog breeds

as she wanted to get her idea across without having to worry about them fitting to a specific story. I also believe that her inclusion of so many breeds made the video more enjoyable because you could recognize most, if not all, and what their exaggerated trait was.

Sound was the arguably the best part of the video. In the beginning, it was used mostly for sound effects, such as a sniffing noise for when a dog was sniffing or chewing sounds for when someone was eating. It wasn’t until a little more than halfway, when small furry dog started squishing ants and a third eye appeared on his head

hat the sound began to change and become more eerie, taking a more prominent role in the video. This was an effective change because it regained the audience’s attention, making them more interested in what was next to come.

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