Promoting Good Animation — The Lady and The Reaper

The Lady and The Reaper is a Spanish animated short film created by Javier Recio Gracía in 2009. The film focuses on life and death through the hilarious actions of the reaper, doctor, nurses, and lady. I chose this video as an example of a good animation due to it’s overall story, design, movement, and use of humor on a risky subject.


The film is a narrative that tells the story of an older lady who dies and is greeted by the grim reaper. The lady, who is ready to die, is revived by a doctor and his team of nurses revive her. This sets off a fast paced duel between the reaper and the doctor over the lady that incorporates humor in the dealings of life and death.


The design of the film uses a 3D style that is consistent though out the film. The animation also uses warm vibrant colors to represent the living while using cool colors to represent death. When both the reaper and the living combine as they fight it out, both cool and warm colors are represented.


The motion of the figures can be a bit cartoonish at times for comedic effect and yet, even through these moments, the characters still move realistically and bend at the proper joints.

Creative Daring:

The risk element of the film is not only the events of the doctor constantly reviving the old lady and the reaper constantly taking her soul, but also the lady’s suicide at the end. The suicide scene is especially daring because of its controversial nature.

The sound in this scene didn’t connect with the image of the reaper


However, while the majority of the sound used in the film matched well with the animation, the music in certain scenes did not connect with me. For instance, one particular scene that really stood out to me was the scene posted above. This scene showed the grim reaper appearing to the spirit of the lady. The music, while somber, stayed the same even when the reaper appeared, which disconnected me from the film.

Overall, The Lady and The Reaper is an animated film that tells a story that involves the controversial subjects of life, death, and suicide. yet still left me laughing. Though the subjects are normally sad to think about and watch, this film kept me laughing.

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