Samurai Jack- Fight scene

This is a scene from the TV show Samurai Jack. The main character Jack is wandering around when he is attacked. Since there is no dialogue in this scene, the animation has to be more present by using other methods to create a good story. For example, if we listen to the sounds that the animation produces it creates a sense of movement within the fight. At first we can hear sounds like the motorcycle rumbling and birds chirping. This all adds to the environment in which the setting is taking place in. The fast pace soundtrack helps to elevate the feeling of danger within the animation.

Two images that show the design style of animation (left) and the use of movement(right)

The first thing that stands out to me when viewing this scene is the style of animation. It is a very unique style. The characters seem somewhat flat but at the same time they are put into a 3D world. The backgrounds always seem to have more details in them as compared to the characters. This could be considered as creative daring. It feels as if it should not work but it somehow manages to create a very interesting art style.

The use of movement also plays a big role in this animation. The simple and repeated use of lines create a sense of fast paced action. Also adding a fast paced soundtrack followed by the sound effects of bullets flying and swords being drawn only adds to the tension of the animation. The sound really takes over the animation because of the fact that there is very limited dialogue. However, at the same time it does not over power the visuals of the animation. They both blend well and come together to create a good piece of animation.

Similar visuals create the same concept/story

I really like the visuals in this scene. It starts off with Jack screaming (2:25) while fighting a deadly enemy and then transitions into a wolf screaming who also happens to be fighting a larger threat. It helps to create the mood and pushes the viewer deeper into the story. Overall I think this animation has a very unique style of art and the sound blends perfectly with the visuals.

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