MQTT Broker now supports Windows

MQTTRoute, the enterprise mqtt broker was released a few weeks back. Today we are excited to add the support for the windows Operating system.

Key features of the Windows Version:

  • Support for Windows 7 , Windows 8 , 8,1 & Windows 10.
  • Works seamlessly with all standard mqtt clients.
  • Works for all QoS, WILL and Retain Messages.
  • Support for persisting connections & messages to SQLite & MySQL
  • Support for SSL / TLS encryption.
  • Can connect upto 5000 clients

The Linux and Mac version of MQTTRoute has also been enhanced to work with 5000 clients now. For production set up, the broker will be able to handle tens of thousands of clients on a single instance.

Download for Windows, Linux & Mac

Do leave your comments or write back to, if you need support for connecting more clients or for any assistance.

Initially posted in Bevywise Blogs