OEE Measurement with Pace DPR

DSM Ranjith Kumar
Jul 3, 2019 · 2 min read

The Evaluation of Industry 4.0 has led manufacturing industries to be more competitive and productive to lead the race. In order to succeed the race, you have to push yourself in measuring manufacturing productivity right. OEE Measurement (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is the globally accepted industrial standard for measuring productivity.

Are You Frustrated with Your OEE Measurement?

We are happy to announce you the release of Pace DPR — your production monitoring system. You can now Measure your OEE, Understand the production process, Identify the problems and Improve productivity.

Pace DPR has been designed to provide a real-time production status of your shop floor and at individual machine level. Loss booking which helps you track your black holes is very much integrated into the system.

Dashboard provides an overall view of performance of all machines in a production line. The efficiency of production process will be shown as the performance metric OEE related to Availability, Performance and Quality. The production capacity of each machine can be viewed separately.

An easy and predictive analysis can be done with the production reports to make confident decisions. An end to end data on production will be provided to make a complete focus on improvement. It facilitates the detection of drawbacks in industrial production line. Records the downtime events occurred to make a step to avoid unnecessary loss in productivity. The number of defective items produced can be noted to improve quality of products.

The Pace DPR Solution comes with the edge IOT Device that can tap your machine information via Machine I/Os , RJ 485 , RS232 , MT-Connect, etc., and is ready to use in most of the widely used machines in the shop floor like Allen Bradley, Siemens, Funuc, Mitsubishi and more.

We will be happy to discuss about your requirements at your shop floor to help you out improve your OEE.

Originally published at https://www.bevywise.com on July 3, 2019.

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DSM Ranjith Kumar

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Bevywise Networks

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