About the BEXAM token

The new token ticker was decided and the Bexam Exchange is in capable hands and rebranded as X-Hive. It’s time to talk about what the token does and why you want to own it.

The BEXAM token is necessary for certain functions within the system and not just a digital currency or smart money.

The BEXAM token is used for:

  • acquiring ownership of a Master Node or Super Node (stake)
  • Transaction fees (gas)
  • Proof of voting right for listing your favorite coins on X-Hive

Depending on the applications that will be added to the Bexam ecosystem, the BEXAM token can fulfill more roles in the future.

Introducing Bexam incentive model: inter-connecting our activities through BEXAM token

  1. 10% buy back program for Bexam DLT solutions

Bexam and partner early works collaborate to bring DLT solutions for enterprises and businesses. The service includes options for consortium and private (chain) solutions and the possibility to make use of the compatible public Bexam platform for user engagement programs, collaborations with businesses from other industries, trustless transactions that require transparency etc. The solutions are tailor-made for each entity’s specific demands.

10% of the service charge for Bexam DLT solutions for enterprises and businesses (including royalty fee, development fee, consulting fee etc.) will be used to buy back BEXAM tokens in the open market.

The tokens which have been bought back will be locked up permanently in a designated transparent wallet, visible to the community. We are considering locking up these tokens in the form of dormant Master Nodes that serve as emergency MNs which cannot generate rewards. These nodes would only activate in an event where the system experiences a sudden/rapid network expansion where active Master Nodes alone cannot handle the number of transactions on the public chain.

Buyback timing:

Buy-back will happen quarterly and will be calculated according to all confirmed payments received during the previous quarter.

2. Bexam startup / ICO project acceleration program

Bexam aim to grow our ecosystem by inviting startups who shares same philosophy and attraction to Bexam project to together bring real-world adoption of blockchain.

By offering an attractive startup support package to promising new projects, the Bexam network and community expand with BEXAM token.

To join the program and receive ICO/IEO support, start-up projects will have to agree to use an agreed upon amount (tentatively 5%) of the total amount raised during the token sale to buy BEXAM tokens with a two-year lockup condition.

How do you earn rewards by owning BEXAM tokens?

There is no competitive mining in Bexam. Instead, Nodes get rewarded according to the work that was assigned to them by the network. The more enterprises join the network, the more transactions happen, the more rewards a node owner will receive:

For enterprises to use the public chain for their data management, customer engagement programs, business transactions and industry spanning collaboration etc. the estimated costs include (but are not only comprised of) a transaction fee of $0.002/tx(*tentative amount). These transaction fees will not simply go to Bexam, but will be used as a reward for Master Node and Super Node owners. Instead of deciding rewards based on a contest of mining, on the Bexam platform rewards are paid based on the actual transactions a MN/SN supports.

The reward distribution is 80% for MN / 20% for SN

If owning a Master Node or Super Node becomes more profitable, more users will opt for owning a Node which will lead to decentralization of the network.

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions about the tokenomics or the BEXAM token in general, comment or reach out to us on our channels (at the bottom of this article)!

About Us:

Empowering businesses with innovative blockchain solutions.

Bexam strives to integrate real blockchain/DAG solutions to support businesses everywhere. We aim to address the current shortfalls in decentralized platforms by reconciling the advantages of both blockchain and DAG systems. By introducing the reality of blockchain to the enterprise sphere, we hope to inspire its potential further into everyday life.

With up to 40 million transactions per second and a block generation time of 0.2sec/block, the Bexam platform makes enterprise blockchain a reality.

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