BEXAM exchange becomes X-HIVE

Cryptech works, Ltd. has acquired the operations of the Bexam Exchange, becoming the first company to join the Bexam Platform

We started our development of the Bexam Exchange as our initial product to show our technology in action. As we’ve been working towards completing the Bexam Exchange, our efforts have been realized, and have led to the operations transfer of the exchange to Cryptech works, Ltd., a blockchain consulting company based in Singapore. With this transition, the Bexam Exchange will be renamed “X-HIVE” with immediate effect and will be operated by Cryptech Works, Ltd. with the guidance of Bexam. Cryptech Works is a team composed of media consulting, promotion and business funding industry experts. Details about the members will be officially released by Cryptech Works.

Due to the above development, X-HIVE will be the first service to join the Bexam ecosystem, where essential services will be offered to the blockchain community. As the Bexam ecosystem begins to grow, the Bexam token will become increasingly significant, and the importance of the exchange and the circulation of the token will strengthen.

X-HIVE will, for all intents and purposes, be the same exchange as planned, using the BEXAM token as an exchange token and running on the Bexam platform where it will benefit from the speed, security, and scalability inherent in the platform.

The operations transfer of the exchange is great news for the Bexam community, as it illustrates the viability of enterprise applications running on our open chain. In addition, the change of hands will allow our developers to continue to focus on the Bexam platform after the launch of the exchange to further develop the Bexam ecosystem. We are also excited to announce that 10% of the purchase price of the exchange will be used to buy back and permanently lockup these tokens, which should be great news to any Bexam token holder.

As Bexam is still in the pre-public sale stage, the coming IEO of the Bexam token will be held on the X-HIVE exchange.

On February 18th, the Bexam account page will be transferred to the X-Hive website with a new look. Existing Bexam accounts will be migrated over to the new system and users will be notified via email with further information.

We hope that you’re all as excited as we are for the introduction of the first company to join the Bexam platform, and we look forward to announcing new clients joining the Bexam platform in the future.

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Empowering businesses with innovative blockchain solutions.

BEXAM strives to integrate real blockchain/DAG solutions to support businesses everywhere. We aim to address the current shortfalls in decentralized platforms by reconciling the advantages of both blockchain and DAG systems. By introducing the reality of blockchain to the enterprise sphere, we hope to inspire its potential further into everyday life.

With up to 40 million transactions per second and a block generation time of 0.2sec/block, the BEXAM platform doesn’t just make enterprise blockchain a reality, but a necessity in business excellence.

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