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BEXAM Supports Partner early works at Famous DOCOMO Open House!

This week, from Wednesday to Friday, a few of BEXAM’s team members went to the Docomo Open House event in Odaiba, Tokyo to support the engineers from our partners early works. early works set up a presentation of their proprietary consensus algorithm Proof of Rounds — the technology behind BEXAM — to illustrate the possibilities of blockchain outside of the cryptocurrency world.

DOCOMO Open House is NTT Docomo’s annual event where they introduce a number of their efforts and accomplishments, from their impressive 5G network to the latest technologies such as AI, IoT, blockchain, and other business solutions leveraging innovative technologies. Exhibits illustrate innovations in these fields concerning topics like disaster prevention, smart cities, and social issues.

Since Proof of Rounds has strengths similar to those of 5G, such as significantly high speeds and network scalability, Docomo saw the potential of combining early works’ innovative technology with their pioneering 5G network and invited early works to be the one and only representative of blockchain technology at this prestigious event. To better uncover the potential of these technologies, Docomo approached early works with the question, “What results can you give us when you combine PoR with the 5G network?” When testing PoR on Docomo’s 5G network using mobile devices as nodes, the answer became clear: incredible speed.

Normally, transaction times in PoR are based on the utilization of normal internet speeds; however by utilizing the 5G network, the PoR network was able to achieve unseen speeds. early work’s exhibit had a demonstration where three Master Nodes (set up in Hong Kong, Singapore, and New York) completed a transaction using two wallets: one using PoR and one using EOS, which is touted as the fastest blockchain on the market. Visitors were impressed with how PoR completely blew EOS out of the water with its speed.

This year’s DOCOMO Open house took place at the famous Tokyo Big Sight. Officially known as the Tokyo International Exhibition Center, Tokyo Big Sight is the largest convention center in Japan and is easily recognizable by its iconic conference tower. Docomo gathered huge companies, both domestic and international, to attend and view over 200 exhibits. Some especially notable attendees included Orange, Philips, Mitsubishi, NEC, Panasonic, Coca Cola, and Toyota. Considering the diversity of attendees, our bilingual team members, with their in-depth knowledge of PoR, were a great support to the team of Japanese engineers from early works.

A huge congratulations to our partners on this exciting event!

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