Bye bye BXA: New Token Ticker for BEXAM!

Please help us decide!

We regret to say that the launch of the BEXAM Exchange that was originally planned for December of last year got delayed. It was a tough decision to make but an unavoidable one. We want to make sure the exchange is as bug-free and as perfect as it can be for launch so that our users will have the best experience possible when they collect their long-awaited BEXAM tokens.

Due to this delay, we lost out on the race to launch with a certain project that had chosen the same token ticker as we did. Therefore, we have decided to (graciously of course) give up BXA and look for an alternative token ticker for our BEXAM token.

Help us decide and vote for BEXAM’s new token ticker! Vote here!

The choices so far are:


The team has voted, but we also want your opinion for it. Do you have an alternative?

Let us know in the comments here or vote on twitter!

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Empowering businesses with innovative blockchain solutions.

BEXAM strives to integrate real blockchain/DAG solutions to support businesses everywhere. We aim to address the current shortfalls in decentralized platforms by reconciling the advantages of both blockchain and DAG systems. By introducing the reality of blockchain to the enterprise sphere, we hope to inspire its potential further into everyday life.

With up to 40 million transactions per second and a block generation time of 0.2sec/block, the BEXAM platform doesn’t just make enterprise blockchain a reality, but a necessity in business excellence.

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