Conference Report: 2018 Tokyo Japan Blockchain Tech Summit

We recently had the pleasure of participating in the 2018 Japan Blockchain Tech Summit in Akihabara, Tokyo!

There were a lot of great projects in attendance like Uranus, Coin Otaku, Zilla, and CoinBank, just to name a few. The event even drew the attendance of former Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama. Big names like King International Investment Ltd. and Coin Post (media outlet) were there to provide a perfect conference that presented participants and attendees ample opportunities to build meaningful and valuable connections in a professional, yet relaxing environment.

This was our first conference since we underwent our refocusing and rebranding efforts, so we were excited to introduce visitors and projects to the bigger and better BEXAM. It was also the first conference for some of our new marketing members — they engaged visitors and made some great new connections for BEXAM.

As part of our rebranding, our booth had a lot of new materials: new banners, flyers, and more. Our CEO Satoshi Kobayashi even took the stage during the event to introduce the BEXAM platform. His pitch was full of energy and confidence, and got a lot of interested attendees to our booth.

Some members of early works co. Ltd., our exclusive partner company behind Proof of Rounds, came out to support us too! They even put together a demo video of PoR’s overwhelming transactions speeds for visitors to check out. We got a lot of great feedback on this, and will be sharing it soon with our community.

Since the conference took place in Akihabara, there were, of course, some cosplayers in attendance. They took the stage during the lunch break and put on quite the performance.

Overall we had a wonderful time and met a lot of new, great projects. A huge thank you to Digital Journal and the event sponsors for putting together this event!

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BEXAM strives to integrate real blockchain/DAG solutions to support businesses everywhere. We aim to address the current shortfalls in decentralized platforms by reconciling the advantages of both blockchain and DAG systems. By introducing the reality of blockchain to the enterprise sphere, we hope to inspire its potential further into everyday life.

With over 40 million transactions per second and a block generation time of 0.2sec/block, the BEXAM platform doesn’t just make enterprise blockchain a reality, but a necessity in business excellence.