BEXAM - The Next Generation of Crypto Trading

Wouldn’t it be great if we could use cryptocurrencies in our daily life? And, what if we don’t want to wait for it, would it be possible to have it now?

The answer is yes.

BEXAM introduces the next generation of cryptocurrency trading: An exchange platform, but not “just” one more of “those”.

Inspired by the controversial topic of CEX vs. DEX and the ongoing discussions, we tried to approach the problem from a different angle. As both concepts have positive aspects, we decided that we want it all. And so here we are, presenting a new solution: a hybrid.

By utilizing time-tested concepts of traditional centralized systems and by combining them with new blockchain technology, we got an exchange that presents a solution for many existing problems. The BEXAM exchange is super fast, user friendly, infinitely scalable, and energy efficient.

New technology

With BEXAM, a new consensus algorithm will be introduced to the world of blockchain. Proof of Rounds (PoR) was developed by a Japanese engineering team, following the concept of “kaizen”- constant improvement through small steps, by taking existing concept and turning them into something better.

The result is a circular arranged network of Master Nodes, Super Nodes and Normal Nodes. These nodes work in a hierarchical structure with fixed roles.

A cryptocurrency exchange for everyone

The BEXAM exchange platform will enable users to trade an unlimited number of cryptocurrencies on a platform that is not only fast and stable, but also secure. Proof of Rounds (PoR) and the system of hierarchically arranged nodes make the exchange fast and reliable. For instant transactions anytime and from everywhere. Blockchain technology combined with traditional security measures of centralized database exchanges are implemented to tightly protect user’s assets.

Transactions can be made at any time with one click through the original intuitive BEXAM app from the user’s own computer or smartphone.

A native utility token (BXA)

The BEXAM exchange is powered by its own utility token (BXA). The token can be used to pay the transaction fee of transactions made on the BEXAM exchange and a 50% discount applies every time it is paid in BXA.

Furthermore, the BXA token will function as a means to obtain the right to vote for a new altcoin or token to be implemented into the BEXAM exchange.

A Master Node ownership program

The BEXAM exchange is based on a system that employs Master Nodes and Super Nodes. By freezing a certain amount of BXA tokens, users can obtain ownership of these nodes and earn BXA tokens for every successful transaction the owned node was involved in.

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