Partnership with AidCoin!

From the moment we decided to have an ICO, we knew that we also wanted to find a way to give back to the community. We looked into different ways to participate in charity and are now very excited to announce a partnership with AidCoin. Why? Because AidCoin has everything we were looking for: a blockchain-based platform for transparent crypto donations and a great team with experience in both blockchain and charity sectors developing it.

AidCoin tackles the issue of failing trust in non-profits and charities. Scandals and misconduct have plagued the industry of non-profits, leading good people to wonder whether their donations really go towards a good cause or end up in the pockets of charity board members. This epidemic has eroded much of the public’s trust, but AidCoin aims to change it.

By using distributed ledgers to track transactions, cryptocurrencies to transfer funds and smart contracts to ensure donations are spent correctly, AidCoin makes the nonprofit sector transparent and efficient.

With AidCoin’s fundraising platform — AIDChain — donors can donate in 26 major cryptocurrencies to multiple charities and further track on charities’ pages how the donations are spent. Once a donation is received, it gets automatically converted to stable coins and further spent by the charity with all transactions recorded on their pages, enabling full transparency of funds management.

Top charities such as WWF have already joined AIDChain and now anyone can track their activity: the first step towards the transparent future of charity has been made and Bexam can’t help being a part of it!

AidCoin provides:

  • Accountability

Donors can track how charities spend their donations through their AIDChain pages to ensure their impact is not just observable, but going to the right place.

  • Fast donations at no cost

With AIDChain, donors can instantly donate their crypto to a charity situated anywhere in the world without banks and other middlemen taking their cuts.

  • Smart Contracts

To ensure that donated funds are not misappropriated and spent as agreed with the donors, charities can raise money through AIDChain smart contracts.

  • Tax Deductions

Donors can receive a printable receipt of their crypto donation made through AIDChain, which will be eligible for tax deduction.

AidCoin x BEXAM

With this partnership, AidCoin will help guide BEXAM in our charitable efforts. AidCoin will advise BEXAM on how to best give back to the community, as well as charities and areas of interest in which to donate. We are also excited to announce that 1% of the funds from our public IEO will be donated to an agreed charity on AidChain!

We look forward to the great work we can do with AidCoin!

For more information on AidCoin, read here.

For more information on AidChain, read here.

About Us:

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BEXAM strives to integrate real blockchain/DAG solutions to support businesses everywhere. We aim to address the current shortfalls in decentralized platforms by reconciling the advantages of both blockchain and DAG systems. By introducing the reality of blockchain to the enterprise sphere, we hope to inspire its potential further into everyday life.

With over 40 million transactions per second and a block generation time of 0.2sec/block, the BEXAM platform doesn’t just make enterprise blockchain a reality, but a necessity in business excellence.