Proud to announce new Advisor - HACKEN!

We are very happy to have the Hacken team from Ukraine on board as our official advisors.

HACKEN is a blockchain based, community powered ecosystem that provides services on cyber security. Hacken’s goal is to strengthen the connection between cyber security and blockchain technology and to promote ethical hacking.

The white hat hackers of Hacken, experts on cyber security are specialized in testing and Improving whole IT Systems. They expose vulnerabilities and flaws and customers receive comprehensive vulnerability assessments which can ultimately lead to enhanced a system’s security.

Hacken services:

  • Anti-Phishing

24 response aimed at immediate blocking and takedown of fraudulent sites, social accounts, etc.

  • Smart Contracts Audit

Ensure your smart contract is secure before deploying it on the blockchain.

  • Penetration Testing

Initial Assessment of an IT product’s cybersecurity robustness. Let the best hackers in the world test the strength of your security.

  • Bug Bounty

A continual cybersecurity assessment of a product. This method allows you to only pay for the bugs found, not the process.


Apart from being BEXAM’s official advisor and partner in Eastern Europe, Hacken will also be tasked with thorough checks of the BEXAM system.

BEXAM will use the HackenProof platform for the upcoming Bug Bounty Program.

We are looking forward to working with the amazing team from Ukraine!!

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