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Our project BEXAM was originally introduced to the world as a hybrid cryptocurrency exchange. However, we have decided to refocus and rebrand BEXAM into something bigger and better!

Why did we decide to rebrand?

We attended many conferences this year to share our project, the BEXAM Exchange, to the world and to get feedback. During this tour, we continually heard a prominent point of feedback: we were focusing on the wrong thing. The exchange itself wasn’t the superstar; it was the technology.

In hearing this, we had to seriously consider our product positioning. The reality was that our engineers had developed an awesome technology that finally made high speeds and scalability a reality for blockchain. But, we didn’t know how to show off this groundbreaking development. Our initial idea was our exchange, but the feedback helped us see the project from a new perspective.

Exchanges were available left and right, and while our technology was definitely significant, there weren’t many other distinctive factors to put us above the rest of the competition. If we threw ourselves into the sea of exchanges, we would only get swept away and our technology’s potential would never truly be revealed.

So, we began to rethink.

What’s new?

Our Product

First, to make full use of the technology, we are excited to announce that BEXAM will be a public blockchain/DAG hybrid platform! Because of the revolutionary and large-scale nature of our technology, and its possibilities, our main target from now on will be clients who can benefit the most from its unprecedented speed, scalability, and security: businesses and enterprises with high-frequency transaction environments.

Currently, enterprises are faced with the dilemma of choosing between centralized, yet vulnerable systems or decentralized, yet sluggish platforms. While the security provided by blockchain is alluring to enterprises around the world, the current technology’s speed and scalability constraints force such businesses to continue using their vulnerable, centralized systems. We reconcile the benefits of each sector in order to create a practical and superior solution, the BEXAM platform.

Using a flexible chain structure and a node hierarchy with assigned roles, BEXAM, through the Proof of Rounds algorithm, is capable of reaching unprecedented block times of 0.2s and 40 million TPS. The significant capabilities of our platform mean we can create tailor-made solutions for enterprise-level businesses.

But why focus on business? A serious discussion is being had in the blockchain industry, which is: how is blockchain relevant to our everyday world? By implementing BEXAM, a superior blockchain platform, into large-scale businesses, we hope to see relevant, everyday uses of blockchain emerge more and more. And to this purpose is our end goal: the widespread implementation of blockchain in society.

The exchange as you know it will now officially be what we always considered it: our proof of concept of BEXAM’s technology and the first open public use case of PoR.

Our Logo

We have updated our logo as well! Previously, we used a honeycomb structure with our name underneath. This logo will now be used exclusively for our exchange, BEXAM Exchange.

Our platform logo will now be dominated by our token: the letter “B” encased within a honeycomb cell. We have used this logo previously, although we have now spiced it up with a new fill color (formerly, the logo had a gradient fill, but now is orange with an image overlay).

Our Website

Visit our updated website,, to see a lot of new changes. Here, you’ll find updated platform information, collateral, and team members!

The new website design

Find the White Paper for the Bexam platform here.

Stay tuned for our next update where we’ll introduce our new team members!

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Bexam News

BEXAM is a blockchain/DAG hybrid platform designed to “blockchainize” high-frequency transaction environments with up to 40 million TPS.


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Bexam, the next generation blockchain/DAG hybrid platform. Empowering businesses with innovative blockchain solutions through the new consensus algorithm GLS!

Bexam News

BEXAM is a blockchain/DAG hybrid platform designed to “blockchainize” high-frequency transaction environments with up to 40 million TPS.

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