Tokyo Institute of Technology Associate Professor Partners with Early works co., Ltd.

BEXAM’s exclusive partner company, and developer of BEXAM’s core technology, Early works co., Ltd, has signed a partnership with Associate Professor Kazuyuki Shudo of the Tokyo Institute of Technology to help improve the Proof of Rounds algorithm.

Early works co., Ltd. is the proprietary development team behind the Proof of Rounds algorithm, based in Tokyo, Japan. BEXAM Global LLC is exclusively partnered with Early Works for the development of the BEXAM platform and exchange. It is with Early Works’ superior technology that we are able to create a practical blockchain platform for enterprises everywhere.

We are including their press release translated into English (original in Japanese here) and extend our warm congratulations on this new partnership!

“Early works Co., Ltd. has entered a partnership with Prof. Kazuyuki Shudo, Associate Professor of Information Science and Engineering at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, for improvements on our independently developed blockchain technology “Proof of Rounds”.

Blockchain is one of the latest technologies attracting attention worldwide, along with AI, IoT, and big data. It is expected to be a fundamental technology in solving recent issues of data leakage and counterfeit/falsified goods in logistics.

However, a tradeoff for the increased security of blockchain is speed and scalability, a major reason for businesses hesitating to implement blockchain technology.

Against this backdrop is Early works, who, after intense studying, has independently developed “Proof of Rounds,” an ultra-high-speed blockchain which functions as a database. Early works began collaborating with Mr. Kazuyuki Shudo, who has specialized knowledge in blockchain, to gain insights from a third-party on the performance and security of Proof of Rounds.

Early works and Associate Professor Shudo join efforts to further refine the original blockchain, and agree to engage in mutual guidance and exchange of information from both a business and academic standpoint.

Through the synergetic efforts of this collaboration, Early Works aims to further improve its product as a functional and valuable blockchain for businesses and to continue researching, building, and developing systems that companies and users alike can use more reliably.

About Associate Professor Kazuyuki Shudo

Associate Professor Shudo is one of only a few researchers specialized in large-scale distributed systems, which consists of thousands (and tens of thousands) of nodes participating in a blockchain network.

In April 1998, Shudo began working as a research assistant at Waseda University, and by April 2001, he was a researcher at the Industrial Technology Research Institute under the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry.

He then transferred to a startup company in April 2006 as the Director and Chief Technology Officer, where he gained a wide range of knowledge and experience, including peer-to-peer video distribution technology development and commercialization.

After transferring to the Tokyo Institute of Technology in December 2008, Shudo began working as an associate professor and in 2009, began simultaneously serving as a project manager for the Mitou Program of the Information-Technology Promotion Agency of Japan. In this role, he selects and mentors outstanding IT talents under the age of 25. He also serves as an advisor and supporter of venture companies and new projects.

Personal Page:首藤 一幸

Seminar Page:東京工業大学 首藤研究室

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