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Beyond Burning Man

Burning Man Project Sunday Reads ⬛️ June 7, 2020

Radical Inclusion = Racial Inclusion

Photo by Susan C Becker

It’s been a somber week of listening, reflecting, and learning. We recognize we have a lot of work to do as an organization, and as a society, and we’re here for it. Here is this week’s roundup of articles, videos and podcasts of note right now.

Burning Man in the World

Our statement on racial justice.

We’re in a moment that demands pushing forward in the face of injustice. What role do we want Burning Man to play? It’ll be awhile before we gather again. Burners, let’s be part of this conversation. Our own Dominique Dodley on why Black Lives Matter.

Burners in Austin joined the front lines of volunteers tending to protesters injured by rubber bullets and beanbag rounds.

Burners in Denver helped protesters with tear gas in their eyes.

The Playlist

This Burners Without Borders panel explored the intersections and divergences of Burner culture and mutual aid.

Is Burning Man a “white people thing”? This podcast from 2019 features DC’s JR Nexus Russ in a frank discussion with Eamon Armstrong about identity, micro-aggressions and white fragility.

TED Fellow Marc Bamuthi Joseph shares a Black father’s tender and wrenching internal reflection on the pride and terror of seeing his son enter adulthood.

This 15-minute mini-documentary from 2017 explores questions of racial and economic diversity in Black Rock City.

Also Noteworthy

The Que Viva camp offers a call to action and resources for white-led camps.

If you’re asking yourself how to be a stronger ally to the Black community, this article offers six strong tips.

The art commemorating George Floyd is powerful and moving. Here are some of the artists from around the world and how they’re honoring him.

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