Burning Man Project Sunday Reads 🛠 June 28, 2020

“Build Week” starts now.

Art is “Tell Me Yours, I’ll Tell You Mine” (2018) by Emma Shield. Photo by @espressobuzz.

Welcome to this week’s roundup of stories and fun stuff from the Burnerverse and beyond.

The “BUILD: A Season of Radical Community” initiative kicks off three months of participatory events and community activation. If you’re not already working on something that creates a better world, start now!

We continue to be in listening mode as we seek out stories from people of color about their experiences in Black Rock City and within our culture. This piece is from Tatiana Smith, a writer, product designer, full spectrum doula and activist living in Jersey City, NJ. If you’ve got a story to share with us, please submit it here.

Leaving No Trace was just the start. Black Rock City’s Playa Restoration Manager DA hit the road on Friday for an audacious goal: he’s going to be picking up MOOP for 85 miles along the road to BRC and raising money for sustainability efforts in the process.

Our new artist storytelling series, “ArtSpeaks!,” will explore never-before-told stories behind your favorite BRC installations and share what those artists are up to now. The first online event is next Wednesday, July 1. Details below!

Whoa boy, we’re excited for this one. “Art on Fire” is a 90-minute, fly-on-the-wall documentary about ‘the world’s largest art gallery for one week a year.’ It comes out on Kindling in August, and here’s a sneak peek.

Hear from DA himself about the current MOOPATHON; he was also the guest on this week’s Burning Man LIVE podcast episode. You can watch live on-the-road reports from him on our Instagram Stories this week. And don’t forget to support this significant effort if you can.

Burning Man Project CEO Marian Goodell was one of six experts to share their inside perspective on how the COVID-19 era is transforming their industries.

This story of how yurts became housing for healthcare workers is a heartwarming reminder of how even Black Rock City dwellings stepped up to the front line during this long, strange year.

Coronavirus is transforming the world before our eyes. This article asks: “What kinds of space are we willing to live and work in now?”

Ibram X. Kendi’s book, “How to Be an Antiracist,” is inspiring us. Here is a two-hour talk the author gave at UC Berkeley last year.

The Code Switch podcast recently explored what’s different about this moment in time that the movement for racial justice just might stick.

A brief history of autonomous zones, featuring Black Rock City.

The Lithuanian Burner community is cooking something up. Meet Amber Burn.

This one’s a few years old, but it still delights: a team builds a scale model of the solar system in the Black Rock Desert.

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