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Beyond Burning Man

Burning Man Project Sunday Reads 🧺 May 24, 2020

Making sense in a senseless world.

Photo by Tim Christoffersen

“Curate Yer Burn” with a new edition of “Sunday Reads,” a weekly collection of articles, videos, and audio that speak to our global community, culture, and principles.

Burning Man in the World

Meet Mavis Muller, the ‘artivist’ and community leader behind the Burning Basket participatory art and fire ritual in Alaska and along the Pacific Rim.

Yodassa Williams went to Black Rock City in 2014 and found the experience transformational. Now she’s the author of a ‘black girl magic adventure’ of another type — for young adult readers.

On May 30, get ready for the 24-hour “F*nd Yer Burn,” a virtual music and arts livestream benefiting Burning Man Project. Big thanks to the theme camps, Burners and supporters for hosting! We need your support more than ever!

The Playlist

Photographer Shalaco wants to share his experience applying for COVID-19 financial support with the creative community.

Bring some DISTRIKT to your Memorial Day cookout. The sets here go back for years.

Narrator Elena Brower met Above & Beyond at Burning Man in 2014. Here’s a new episode of their spoken word meditation collaboration.

Also Noteworthy

Disasters are beginning to emerge as a single, continuous event. This is what Nick Farr calls “the Long Disaster” — and it requires a paradigm shift in how we respond.

How has your life tossed and turned recently? Burning Man Project’s JENN SANDER chatted with philosopher Jason Silva about how to balance our poet and practical selves to make sense of sense-making.

Who hasn’t had a moment on playa when disorientation set in, as well as little panic? This excerpt from a book about the art and science of losing your way explains it all.

This ‘open letter to the next century’ asks: “What will the world look like when we all have enough?” Burning Man’s gifting economy has already started to answer that question and redefine what “true wealth” means.

All Power to the People” artist Hank Thomas Willis was involved with this spine-tingling effort to show gratitude to essential workers via tremendous billboards in Times Square and beyond.

If your summer road trip takes you by Reno, here’s a suggested itinerary for enjoying all the Burning Man sculptures out there.

Make your own mini Man and bring a piece of BRC to your other home. ❤

Burning Man is a global cultural movement rooted in the 10 Principles, with a vibrant network of events and communities in 37 countries around the world. Burning Man is actively influencing art, design, civic engagement, placemaking, and business, and Burning Man Project is the nonprofit organization that supports that ecosystem.

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