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Illuminating the Pink Triangle

The nonprofit behind the Bay Lights gives a piece of San Francisco art a bright new life on a milestone birthday.

Courtesy of Illuminate
The view from the Pink Triangle’s SF perch. Photo by Ben Davis.
  1. They are looking for volunteer ambassadors to create a ‘human accompaniment’ to this piece to keep everyone safe and the art well cared for. This is great for people who don’t mind a little wind and just love the view up on Twin Peaks. Sign up here if you’re interested in taking on a shift.
  2. Join in the site pre-cleanup! Sadly, the MOOP on Twin Peaks is real. The Illuminate crew want to use this as an opportunity to help the space look its best before the project’s grand opening. Here’s info about that if you want to join.
  3. Celebrate the debut of the Illuminated Pink Triangle at 9pm on Saturday, June 27. It will be up for two weeks. Details here.
  4. Lastly, donate if you can to support this project! They are still marching towards their goal, so every dollar counts.
Photo courtesy Illuminate



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