The “Ethereal Empyrean Experience“ — credit: Sylvia Lisse

Spirituality, Remembrance, and Grief Management in Virtual Worlds

The Oral History of the Ethereal Empyrean Experience, Burning Man’s First VR Temple

Burning Man Project
Sep 1 · 20 min read
by Céline Tricart
A view of Burning Man — credit: Celine Tricart
A screenshot of the Virtual Burn 2020 — credit: BRCvr
The entrance of the Ethereal Empyrean Experience — credit: Sylvia Lisse
The Temple “Galaxia” by Arthur Mamou-Mani, 2018 — credit: GemGemRemy from Pixabay
The offerings in the “Ethereal Empyrean Experience” — credits: Sylvia Lisse
The “Ethereal Empyrean” — Credit: Sylvia Lisse
Sylvia’s avatar in the “Empyrean Temple” in Altspace VR — credit: Sylvia Lisse
The disassembled hard drive containing all the data from the EEE — credit: Jeremy Roush
Temple Guardians in “Empyrean Temple” in Altspace VR— Credit: Temple Guardians


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