A Beginning

For seven years I have been writing a weekly blog/newsletter. It started out as something I “had to do”. Since part of the business I created was ‘event’ oriented and we were hosting 5 or 6 events per/week; I had to have a way to communicate with our clients what was going on each week!

At the time I was overwhelmed. I was figuring out how to run my own business. Systems, processes, procedures, and all the ‘how to(s)’ you could imagine. I didn’t have the time, energy or bandwidth to research, write or edit interesting articles related to this new business! So I began writing about the ups and downs of my new life! What I was going through. What was working. What wasn’t! Insights, realization, fears and successes!

A strange thing happened! This weekly writing became a gift to myself. A way to parking lot questions or observations until I could sit with them without distraction. To look at them from the perspective of what they were there to show me. Surprise! Writing had become a tool, a skill, a gift, hell.., even a comfort.

One of the things I value most is ‘intentional living’. Being responsible for what we create in our lives. How we show up. Being truthful (even when it is uncomfortable). Setting and honoring our own boundaries. Developing and trusting our internal guidance. And, so much more.

Living an intentional life is another way of saying ‘mindfulness’. Another way of saying ‘living in the moment’ or ‘evolving consciousness’. It seems that for many these have become cliches. We constantly look for new ways to explore and express the meaning of our lives. Our purpose and our passion. Yet in truth, the answers are simple, they exist just beyond the cliches.

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