Forest for the Trees

Do you ever wonder why we are the last to recognize our own magnificence? You know, our own power, beauty, brilliance, creativity, etc.

I belong to an intimate group of small business owners who have agreed to show up and support one another. It is informal in that there is no agenda, accountability tracking or particular driver for what happens. We just agreed to show up and support each other right where we are.

Sometimes that might look like celebrating a cool accomplishment, a big sale or contract, or maybe a new direction for a part of our business. Other times, like today.., it is really about what is impacting us or keeping us from moving forward. I hate to say it, but these are usually the juiciest gatherings of all!

Today, in our own ways, we were each in our heads letting old stories, limiting beliefs or challenging situations get us down or at minimum, questioning our directions or choices. Because we admire and respect one another, we were able to support one another and offer our unique perspective on what the others were experiencing.

What struck me in the exchange was how easily we lose our sense of self. How quickly we will take our accomplishments, experience or expertise and put them on the back burner. That when we are challenged we can easily begin to question or struggle to identify our worth.

At one point I said to them “You should see you through my eyes!” They are amazing women, each in their own right. Intelligent, passionate, creative and capable people who affect change around them all the time. Yet because of the current situations they are confronting.., seem to have forgotten or disconnected from their own truth!

You should see you through my eyes!

It makes me wonder when and where do I do the same thing?

Because like so many things in life, it is those things that are closest to us that get lost in our own field of vision. Like the old cliche “Sometimes it is hard to see the forest for the trees”

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