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How Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM benefit Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing is a process-heavy industry. However, now more than ever, manufacturers need to leverage these processes to enhance their customer’s experience.

Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive, cloud-based collection of apps that can help manufacturers achieve these goals by unifying operations, improving processes, and engaging with customers.

The increasing accessibility of digital manufacturing tools, such as cloud storage, makes it easier than ever to create “smart factories” where devices, assets, and resources can sync global operations and make the industry more productive.

Dynamics 365 allows manufacturers to closely monitor how well CRM automation works by processing and gleaning data in real-time. You can view the performance, usage, and machine lifecycle information anytime, anywhere. It is also possible to resolve any issues remotely to maximize uptime.

Dynamics 365 CRM for Manufacturing

For manufacturers, Microsoft Dynamics 365 bridges the gap between CRM and ERP systems to produce rich analytics, embedded intelligence, and easy-to-use applications. Moreover, the solution unites every aspect of the manufacturing supply chain to ensure a smoother fit for organizations of all sizes.

Dynamics 365 offers greater insight into business operations, optimizing systems, shortening processes, and cutting costs. With product, customer, and performance data analyzed in real-time, manufacturers have more freedom and scope to improve their operations and react to changes faster.

Dynamics 365’s centralized, intelligent platform allows manufacturers the agility to respond and adapt to changes at any point in the business cycle. Users can:

  • Push through rush orders from the initial sales order
  • Update or edit orders throughout the production process
  • Utilize multi-level production orders to simplify make or buy decision
  • Run “what-if” scenarios to prepare for changes and predict their effects.

Custom-built Dynamics 365 CRM for Manufacturing examples:

  • You can Integrate many Microsoft tools with Dynamics CRM. If you want to access everything in one place, you can use the Microsoft App Launcher.
  • You can access your custom entities and categories anytime in the left navigation menu:
  • Create different views for entities and fields to access them directly in a single view:
  • You can create Multiple Dashboards, Charts, and Views based on custom entities and fields to view your organization’s performance.

Custom-built Dynamics 365 CRM:

If your manufacturing company needs a custom-built Dynamics 365 Manufacturing CRM, contact us at Beyond Key Systems to build it for you.

Every manufacturing company has its own needs and workflows. That is why a good CRM does can be customized to fit your current processes.

Few more benefits include:

Robust Project Management

Imagine if you can monitor your manufacturing operations’ performance (regarding timely execution, quality, and cost) with production performance Power BI reports. Additionally, you can review, monitor, and approve all charges and time impacting projects through intuitive dashboards and respond quickly to scope changes and project risks by managing critical KPIs and ensuring profitable service delivery.

Get Visibility into Operations

  • Improve access to your supply chain data with Dynamics 365 will improve communication between the production, supply, service, and sales teams. Fostering collaboration across departments and connecting various business systems offer a better understanding of operations.

Improve Productivity

  • Manufacturing productivity comes from having a consolidated view of operations and access to mobile and virtual reality tools to monitor and resolve issues remotely through Dynamics CRM
  • Creating personalized sales documents with
  • Office 365 tools
  • Event-driven sales process
  • Workloads
  • Relevant and contextual documents
  • Offline on phones and tablets
  • Real-time updates offer greater visibility and an accurate view of the buying cycle to ensure procurement stays within the company’s preferred quantity and price levels.

Employee Productivity and Efficiency

  • Collect and analyze data from connected products and equipment
  • Empower employees to collaborate more efficiently
  • Automate processes
  • Across the manufacturing lifecycle
  • Accelerate production
  • Improve the cycle of innovation
  • Create a better vendor experience
  • Provide employees with a 360-degree view of customer assets and work order history to understand customers and their needs better
  • Enable instant feedback from machine learning algorithms for successful troubleshooting and maintenance

Customer Service and Engagement

  • Adopt a customer-centric approach while optimizing operations
  • Create and deliver personalized content that customers can access anywhere and anytime
  • Engage customers across the product lifecycle from production design to field service
  • Offer a range of value-added services that increase revenue and strengthen customer relationships.

Real-Time Insights

  • Simplify and accelerate business process changes by
  • Integrating legacy systems
  • Scaling globally at their own pace
  • Consolidate the process and institutionalize efficiency gains by monitoring issues remotely
  • Equip technicians with mobile and virtual reality tools that leverage existing expertise while minimizing costly engagements.

Boost profitability

The whole point of improving processes, streamlining workflows, and boosting customer loyalty is to make your manufacturing business more profitable. Dynamics 365 provides manufacturers with the tools and business intelligence solutions to make their services better, faster, and customer-focused.

  • Dynamics 365 accomplishes these goals by eliminating waste, reducing errors, and providing more value to their customers.


We at Beyond Key Systems understand the significant difference Dynamics 365 can make to a Manufacturing Company, streamlining their workflow and improving vendor management and supply chain management. To learn more about how Beyond Key Systems can help your manufacturing company, please contact us at or visit our website



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