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How Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM can benefit the Education Industry

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) that organizations use to improve customer service processes and employee efficiency. It also provides businesses with a complete productivity suite of tools to compete in a crowded marketplace.

Dynamics 365 combines several essential tools and services into one easy-to-use, cost-effective platform.

Dynamics 365 CRM for Education

Dynamics 365 provides educational institutions an avenue for more personalized learning experiences. The tool helps teachers and students communicate and collaborate more effectively, track progress and tasks, and engage with tools and services.

Dynamics 365 delivers integration with other valued Microsoft business applications for both educators and students and operates securely and efficiently. Microsoft Dynamics 365 s offers up-to-date and easily accessible information, security-enhanced access to data, and various information and systems integrations.

Other Dynamics 365 CRM benefits include:

  • Discounts pricing for schools (Microsoft EES Agreement)
  • Seamless integration with the entire Microsoft software suite, including:
    - Office productivity tools, such as Word, Outlook, and Excel
    - Infrastructure products like Windows Operating Systems and QDL Server database
    -Collaboration tools such as SharePoint and Yammer
    - The system is accessible through cloud or on-premise deployments, web-based and browser services, and mobile devices
    - The ability to customize scope and configuration according to an institution's needs and resources
    - Easy integrations through Power Apps and Power Automate with third-party tools.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a complete student-relationship management solution that provides the necessary tools to create a clear picture of the data educators and management need. This data includes:

  • Student Management
  • Student Attendance
  • Courses
  • Student Internships
  • Scholarships
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Accomplishments.

1. Dynamics 365 Education Accelerator:

Microsoft provides an out-of-the-box solution for Educational Institutions. The application is called "Dynamics 365 Education Accelerator". The application contains below pre-built features that will help Educational Institutions or schools to have a much better and more robust application:

  • Pre-built dashboards
  • Entities –
    - Course history
    - Program
    - Internships
    - Sample apps
    - Portals and Power BI reports
    - Student Management
    - Student Portal
    - Course Information
    - Assessment Information

2. Custom-built Dynamics 365 CRM:

An Educational Institute or School can also have a custom-built Dynamics 365 Education CRM, and we at Beyond Key Systems can help build it.

Every Educational Institute or School has its own needs and workflows. Furthermore, no Institution wants to change its process just to fit in the contains of the software. So, a good customizable CRM is an ideal solution for an educational institution that Beyond Key can help you with:

  • Student management
  • Faculty Management and streamline workflow
  • Student records
  • Courses
  • Attendance

Few screenshots of our custom-built Dynamics 365 CRM for Education:

- You can Integrate many Microsoft tools into Dynamics CRM. You can access them all at the same Dynamics Instance through the app loader in the cloud

app launcher

- You can access all your custom entities and categories at any time:

Dynamics 365 for Education Menu

- You can create different views for the entity and fields to access them in a single view:

Dynamics 365 Education Active Attendees

- You can create multiple dashboards, charts, and views based on custom entities and fields to evaluate your organization's performance:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Education Dashboards and Reports

Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps schools:

  • Leverage meaningful data with their staff, students, and management
  • Actively manage students' wellbeing, attendance, and courses
  • Help administrators keep parents informed
  • Streamline student record management –
    - Attendance
    - Curriculum
    - Discipline
    - Extracurricular activities
    - Courses
    - Scholarships
  • Streamline business processes for the administrative department
  • Manage transportation and food services across your entire district or campus.


Dynamics 365 offers discounted educational rates, as we discussed above in the Microsoft EES. Institutions must prove they are eligible based on Microsoft's guidelines.

Customer Engagement Enterprise Apps Price: $23.80 user/month

Includes online and on-premises dual-use for Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, and Project Service Automation. Further discounts are available when purchasing multiple apps.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Essential Price: $28 user/month

Sold and implemented through a global network of Dynamics 365 partners

Dynamics 365 Power Apps per App Price: $2.50 user/month

Dynamics 365 Power Apps per User Price: $10 user/month


Beyond Key Systems understands the significant difference Dynamics 365 can make to an educational institution, from streamlining their workflow to improving student management. With the right tools in hand, educational institutions can actively make a change in the world. To learn more about what Beyond Key Systems can do for your Educational Institution, don't hesitate to get in touch with our Dynamics 365 team today.



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