#17 | The Future

You can live in the past, regretting everything you’ve done and wanting to go back to relive moments you wish you had done better. Or, you can take a deep breath, let the air fill your lungs, and sharply exhale. Admit you’re in the now. Look around you. Life is happening. Time is moving on.

You must embrace it and let the uncertainty of the future both humble you and excite you.

This weekend (well, it started Thursday and ends Sunday) is Lollapalooza, and I am hella psyched for my first music festival experience on Sunday. It’s primed to rain as it has in Chicago for the past few days, I’m hanging with my sister and her friends (who are also my friends) from Cal, and I’m literally shaking in my seat at the airport, waiting for my life. (Although it could just be the hella strong coffee I had this afternoon).

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