#32 | Open Doors

I’m sitting on my bed under the covers with my laptop, 11:40pm, staring at my open bedroom door. I know I’ll have to get up to close it after I schedule this post because there’s a light shining through that bothers me at night.

But just thinking about open doors — life has a lot of them.

How do you know which ones to enter? How do you know which ones lead to a happy outcomes, and which lead to dead ends? You can’t tell where each door will take you.

Do you put one foot in each door and “test the waters”? Do you run into one door head-first? Do you turn around at the first sign that things aren’t right? Can you even do that?

In the end, you have to trust yourself to make the right decision. If one door feels right even though you don’t want it to be, you ask yourself why that is the case. And if you deem your answer good enough to avoid it, you take another door. If not, just trust your gut, go through that door, and know you’ll come out a better and stronger person, ready for the next open doors.

Tonight, I’m thankful for choices (and free will — I think it boils down to free will). I have the ability to decide when I want to wake up, what I want to eat, who I want to talk to, whether or not I want to attend classes, what work I’ll do for the day, and so on. I’m thankful I’m making “good” choices — those that align with my values and philosophy — and I can’t wait for the open doors to come.