All Pennsylvania Hospitals Can Now Receive Data from Affiliated EMS and Fire Agencies, Starting with Allegheny Health Network in Pittsburgh

Award-winning EMS technology startup founded at Carnegie Mellon returns to its hometown to launch statewide effort to connect EMS, Fire, and hospitals


PITTSBURGH, PA and CONCORD, CA (March 19, 2018): Beyond Lucid Technologies (, an award-winning health-and-safety technology firm founded by two Carnegie Mellon University alumni (and a recipient of CMU’s Open Field Entrepreneurs Fund) today announced that all hospitals in the Commonwealth have the ability to receive prehospital data, in as little as 30 seconds from capture in the field via the MEDIVIEW BEACON Prehospital Health Information Exchange. EMS agencies that use BLT’s MEDIVIEW™ electronic patient care record (ePCR) documentation platform additionally benefit by sharing their data with hospitals via MEDIVIEW BEACON at no additional cost. (Users of other ePCR systems can send data to hospitals for a nominal fee.)

The first two care facilities to benefit from this new data channel are Allegheny General Hospital and Allegheny Health Network’s West Penn Hospital. According to Chris Witt, Co-Founder, President and CTO of Beyond Lucid Technologies, and a graduate of the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University: “There is one reason that BLT chose the Allegheny Health Network to introduce MEDIVIEW BEACON to Pennsylvania, and that is the prehospital leadership team under Chief Bob McCaughan. When Jonathon and I were starting out, Chief McCaughan was commanding Pittsburgh EMS. Even in the years since then, he has offered so generously of his time and expertise that he owe him a debt of gratitude.”

According to Jonathon Feit, Co-Founder and CEO of Beyond Lucid Technologies, and also a Carnegie Mellon MBA graduate: “Others from around Pennsylvania deserve similar credit, which is why we plan to offer a hospital connection to every EMS agency in the Commonwealth. Without Chief McCaughan’s mentorship, and Carnegie Mellon’s faith and investment in our startup, we might not be in a position to serve EMS agencies nationwide today. Therefore, launching Pennsylvania’s deployment of the MEDIVIEW BEACON Prehospital Health Information Exchange in Pittsburgh feels like a natural homecoming.”

Veterans Memorial Ambulance in Northern Cambria, a longtime BLT partner-client, is the first Pennsylvania agency that can transmit data to any care facility in as little as 30 seconds. According to Veterans Memorial Ambulance director James Smith: “Currently we have to fax everything so the MEDIVIEW BEACON Prehospital HIE will be a feature our most common hospital destinations would love to use.”

About Beyond Lucid Technologies, Inc.

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