Florida Emergency Medical Service Agencies Gain Ability to Exchange Data in Real-Time with Hospital Electronic Health Record Systems


Tallahassee, FL (April 6, 2016) — Beyond Lucid Technologies (“BLT”), the company behind the MEDIVIEW™ electronic patient care record platform and prehospital health information exchange, today announced that as of March 21, it has been validated as the first (and still only) EMS & Fire documentation software that complies with Florida’s version of the National EMS Information System (NEMSIS v3). NEMSIS v3 is the data format that ambulance and medical transport operators need to exchange information in real time with the electronic health record systems used in hospitals, clinics, and nursing facilities. Florida’s official list of compliant and in-process software companies is online: http://www.floridaemstars.com/docs/vendorstatus.xlsx

Beyond Lucid Technologies’s engineers worked with Florida’s Prehospital EMS Tracking and Reporting System (“EMSTARS”) to ensure that MEDIVIEW™ captures custom data elements pertaining to Stroke, STEMI, and the post-discharge follow-up and the readmission avoidance programs known as Community Paramedicine or Mobile Integrated Health. BLT’s industry-leading achievement in Florida fits into the company’s regional strategic plan focused on:

1. High integrity documentation for clinical and billing purposes — including customizable interface innovations that make ICD-10 easier to navigate;
2. Real-time interoperability with hospital electronic health record systems; and
3. Longitudinal patient care charting to prove the economic value of keeping patients from returning to the emergency department within 30 days.

MEDIVIEW’s unique data transformation capabilities will immediately empower Florida’s EMS and medical transportation agencies to “connect the dots” between what crews observe at the patient’s side or in transit, and the information about the patient at transmits to a doctor, nurse, or social worker in a care facility.

“Florida is a critical EMS market due to its diverse patient mix — which includes students, retirees and tourists, with many languages spoken — as well as natural disasters,” said Jonathon S. Feit, Co-Founder and Chief Executive of Beyond Lucid Technologies. “Being first to certify on Florida’s version of NEMSIS v3 enables us to move data in real-time from Florida’s ambulances to its hospitals, and highlights our commitment to prehospital care providers and their patients.”

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Beyond Lucid Technologies is a health-and-safety IT firm whose software maximizes the safety and efficiency of Emergency Medical Services, paratransit and non-emergency medical transportation. BLT won a 2014 EMS World Innovation Award and a 2015 JEMS Hot Product award. Beyond Lucid Technologies was the first EMS member of CommonWell Health Alliance, and the first to deploy a NEMSIS v3 ePCR in California, Indiana, Minnesota, North Carolina, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, West Virginia and the Department of Defense. Online at www.beyondlucid.com.

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