To be brutally honest, I’m especially saddened and disappointed (a sentimental “lover’s word,” perhaps, but it’s all that I have) that the Jewish community hasn’t cried out in protest about this and demanded action using every possible channel of awareness.

Forget the politics of Syria vs. Israel — thorny as they are, this is so much bigger. This is an attack and stain on humanity.

Every year, on Yom Ha’Shoah (“Holocaust Remembrance Day”), the phrase “Never Again” is chanted with gusto. But it IS happening again. It HAS been happening. Syria is just the latest example of mindless, pointless holocaust — on par with Sudan. Unlike Rwanda and other past genocides of recent memory, the crises in Sudan and Syria are happening during the “Age of Social Media,” so we can’t claim not to know.

What motivation could possibly justify the pain and death and sadness — the loss of an entire generation? Forget Trump for a minute; this has been going on longer than that. But how can America claim our moral high ground when we’re doing in the 21st century what President Wilson did in the mid-20th century: sitting idly by and doing nothing?

Barely wringing our hands even while talk is cheap (clearly I’m as guilty as everyone else who hasn’t saved a child from this Hell) @npwcnn — your words haunt me. Thank you for doing all you can to #WakeUpAmerica

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